Disable Automatic Reboot in Windows 7 [Windows Update]

Updates (Windows Update) Operating system Windows 7 si Vista are either automaticallyAt certain time intervals or at your request Often after major updates, the system must be restarted (reboot).
If you started an installation of updates and Windows Update Center have closed before the end of the installation, right corner of the screen will show a message info: Restart your computer to finish installing important updates.

restart computer

You can choose to restart the system immediately "Restart now"Ask for a respite 4 maximum hours. Postpone. 4 hours would be more than enough for most users, but what happens if we have an application that needs to work more hours than 4 and we want to go in front of the PC for a long period of time? Windows will reboot and all the work would be in vain. In this case you must disable automatic restart Windows.

Windows Update - Disable Automatic Reboot in Windows 7

Before you go in front of the PC, open a command prompt with administrator privileges: run "cmd"- Run as administrator and write the following command line:

net stop "windows update"

stop windows update

After you receive the message "The Windows Update service was stopped Successfully"Can we go quietly.
This is only available off until the first restart of the PC. After rebooting, Windows Update service will automatically activate.

Disable Automatic Reboot in Windows 7 [Windows Update]

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