How to write accented and how to correct text.

If you can not write with diacritics, Someone lend a helping hand. There is a very easy to use software, whose description I could not do better than its creators.

AutoCorrect is now a text editor in the true sense of the word, can create and edit professional most important existing file formats. Has a variety of features that make it document formatting paragraph- and / or character. Inserting tables and images is simple to do. AutoCorrect provide besides traditional word processing operations and spelling corrections, punctuation correction, Enrichment cuvintelelor with diacritics manually and / or automatically support Spelling and Punctuation, DEXEtc. .. The program is very affordable, even for those who have little experience using computers.

This software is specifically 100% free and is compatible on almost all operating systems MS. Windows 95-98-ME, Win 2000, Win NT, Win XP, Win Vista 7 Windows Beta.

For more details and download, Go to the official website AutoCorrect.

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