Be different, with Antec and PC Garage! Be the spam! ...

Mostly ... looks like this subject received an email today from PC Garage. I sucksupport you need to change the computer case, with one SPECIAL EDITION.

This case is the only fabricandu SPECIAL EDITION 5000 models worldwide.

Okay, that's it. When I read the features I thought I could move my bed and into the case.

Among the features we can mention: flashlight lighting interior (It's very important! CPU is so small that afraid of the dark, on the motherboard.) 2 external fan controller for radiator fans and external ports based on liquid cooling system (Mda. I would not hurt to put my feet some fans. Tin drive away.)


  • Stainless steel Japan;
  • 52 x 21 x 52 cm;
  • silver;
  • 6 HDD slots;
  • 3 fans 120 mm;
  • bicameral structure. (the living room)

Of course this mail can not be considered SPAM .

© 2005-2007 PC Garage. All rights spam Reserved SC PC Garage Ltd. Romanian IT retailer ;-)

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I have to be understanding and realize that all offers aberente that I get e-mails are some mistakes, right? No. PC GARAGE = SPAM =

Spam address "PC Garage

Be different, with Antec and PC Garage! Be the spam! ...

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