Scranos, a new virus (rootkit malware) able to steal your passwords and spy / Windows 7 & Windows 10

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After the global crisis caused by ransomware viruses, designed to irreversibly encrypt data and documents from victims' computers, this year, users of Windows 7 and Windows 10 faces Scranos. What is Scranos? It is a malware rootkit virus, recently discovered by Bitdefender, capable of stealing passwords used on various sites Read More

How do you prevent ransomware virus infection, responsible for deletion and request fees for decryption

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Directly targeting user data in order to steal large sums of money, one of the most dangerous forms of malware, ransomware presents major challenges for antivirus manufacturers, forced to resort to aggressive methodological procedures to ensure that users are not affected. . Unfortunately, no matter how good the antivirus program used, Read More

Antivirus Oneinstallers (clean uninstall)

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You probably changed your antivirus macwould only once you use the computer (and that at best). Reasons are enough, and they differ from case to case: too strict, too weak, too useless, etc. But it's just as likely that you already know you can't use more… Read More