How can you insert emoticons in the WhatsApp application a iPhoneyour

To wake up suddenly as you enter WhatsApp, start a conversation and… where are the emoticons? Tragedy!!! I think I stayed a few good days until I found out how I can introduce emoticons in WhatsApp conversations. The procedure is very simple. Here's what to do: - Open the phone screen Apple and access function Settings; - Get in … Read More

iOS 8.3, a last-minute update for devices Apple

Behold, finally, Apple gives you the ability to test iOS updates before they're available to all iOS users iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, even if you are not a developer or your device is not registered in a developer's account. program AppleOS X Preliminary Test Seed is now also available for… Read More

How to set one iPhone for the first time

If you are thinking of changing your phone, or have already done so, in favor of one iPhone, if no one has gotten your hands on it before and you want to know how to configure it before first use, the instructions below will definitely help you. How to set one iPhone ... Read More