White vs. Laptopozaurus Alienware M17x MLK (Notebooks)

Tonight we had a very nice experience. I was called by an acquaintance to fix a laptop. Asking the phone " but what is? "(I had to think of what operating system to take with me and what drivers in resettlement system as a measure of force majeure), I was immediately thinking. 'Well ... it's an older model ... go DOSUs ... and we need to run a program on it ... etc."
Uncle operating system DOS (Disk Operating System) Is one mind with me, but I admit that I have not had much experience with DOSSite. After the surprise came with the operating system and one larger. I woke up as I deal with mini laptop prehistoric. We started with ICE Felix HC-91 followed shortly by a BYTEBut I skipped model PC (laptop) from pictures below.

Two pictures taken with mobile phone (NOKIA 6500 Slide):

Laptopzaurus White



With 8 MB HDD, a BIOS 1989 - 1990 and a monochrome displayThis laptop is awesome in use 20 years and still works. Probably Monday or Tuesday one back with more technical details about it.

You'll see and Alienware20 them running over the years? :-)

PS. Issue is resolved. That's not the BIOS auto-detect the HDD. I put him in 49 choose the right types. I was lucky that he was glued somewhere on the right side of 19 years a foil that read data HDD.

White vs. Laptopozaurus Alienware M17x MLK (Notebooks)

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