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I am subscribed to any week Vodafone Romania and I have already started to become nice these people. I'm thinking I spit (not to jinx him) as we did after the 3 4 years, when they suspended my phone number even though I had all my paid bills. Then we forcibly canceled a subscription with 6 Monday before the date set in the contract. After forced termination I got this in a list "suspects"Vodafone's database. From concluding new contracts (last Thursday) I was asked to pay them Price: 70 RON in advance, as the sheets cotract warranty. Do not swallow or not to burn 2 earlier years. For phone bought the concluding subscription I had no way to request warranty. He arrived in Vodafone service after only two days de operation downtime. On the first call I see that I can do karaoke or cuss freely conversation partner. Phone's microphone not working only on special occasions. Could be heard only if the first call 3 minutes after Power on. Anyway ... I left the phone in service and put my SIM card in another phone.
During today I received two calls from a Vodafone number (number of department pay), But unfortunately (or fortunately. Know me tomorrow) I had no time to answer. Tonight trying to call someone I found that after two Tzar's endearing and I get a song lady voice that tells me a warm tone:

Hello! Your number is temporarily blocked. For more information please come back Monday to Friday between 9 and 18.

Better. From my point is simple. There are Vodafone subscriber cu invoice paid in advance And with phone number suspended. I can not make any calls but instead may receive. That's good. If I need help I'll wait quietly until someone calls me.
I'm curious what they'll tell me tomorrow. I did call (to say that I exceeded the limit of facurare) Vodefone mobile Internet services I have not used, so additional cost = 0.
I'll come back with more ...
Originally I said that this post does not have a place here and I was about to give it a "publish" on my personal blog, but I thought Vodafone need some visibility. Of the ~ 5.000 of unique visitors to and day 3.750 Reader via e-mail, may be a few who need to know that you'd better think twice before you sign a contract with Vodafone. And Orange have made mistakes (subscriber 4 years), but never closed access number. Were wrong service activation, change options, but never suspended telephone number.

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Services and Subscriptions Air Purifier @ Vodafone Romania

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