Windows XP with DUREX

Good brand that the condoms But all until proven otherwise. 1 at all is even 1.000 break. The same can be said about "security”An operating system Windows XP. 1 even at 1.000, all it breaks. : D

Ok… the problem I want to connect with tonight is related to “User Accounts”. I came across computers that I only had access to from a user, with limited rights and that of course the user of Administrator was protected with DUREX. Pardon ... Password (Computer administrator - Password Protected). Restriction to download the systray restriction, restriction on N applications of the operating system. Ehh, let's just sayLimited account". :).

There are many ways to bypass the password of an administrator user and more than that, it can be located and / or changed. The simplest method bypass:
- Turn on the computer. (This is the first step, and the hardest). When it occurs Windows XP Welcome Screen (The screen that displays the operating system users), press the keys CTRL+OTHER+DELETE and the login menu will open "Log On to Windows”In which it asks you to type the user (user Name) And password to the user (User Password). In the box for the user type "Administrator", And leave the password void. Click OK or directly press the key ENTER. At this point, you will be logged in the operating system and of course the Admin user unlimited the system. Without restrictions!
If you are the system administrator and use this method simply because you forgot admin user password, the password can be (re) set according to the above procedure, via Command Prompt (cmd.exe).

Start -> Run -> cmd -> enter <—- this is the tutorial to access Command Prompt

Changing the User Admin password on Windows XP / Home Edition from cmd

1. net user (Show users existing operating system / User accounts for \ computername)

2. net user nume_user *

3. In the right "Type the password for the user:" , write new password.

4. 'Retype the password to confirm: ”, Rewrites the new password.

5. The command completed successfully ;)

Log Off & Switch User Admin: D

Video Tutorial. Bypass Administrator Password In Windows Xp

Windows XP with DUREX

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