Generator IDs, and Statusuri Slick ur nickname for Y! Messenger

What can you do with Fun Generator Status?
- you can generate statuses for the most popular networks which allow you to set your own status ( Windows Live Whack-Yahoo-Messenger-128Messenger / MSN, Google Talk, AIM, etc ...)
- You can generate a smecher status which contain special characters.
- Generator statuses and names made nickname / ID in Chinese Language si statuses in Japanese (Written in Japanese and Chinese language characters)
- Generator text characters Love-Style, Craxy-Style, techno / Alter Style, Craxy Love Style si Flipped Crax.

To use this online tool The statuses generated is enough to write the name / status or text you wish to be converted to special characters. Select the text automatically generated and Ctrl + C to copy it.

Write Status or Nickname / ID:

Nicks Magic Style (new)



Gothic Craxy


Old-Style (Nicks Altschrift)

Love mini-Style (new)

Craxy-Style (new)

Techno (alter Style)

Love-Craxy-Style (new)

Flipped Text Crax

Craxy Nomal Flip Style

Japan Text

China Ե ȝ ՃԵ

Old Craxy Text (MSN Nicks Style)

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