What is and what role does rundll32.exe?

A good reason for concern for many users of Windows's is the rundll32.exeEither because they do not know what is the process, either because they found that some viruses, spyware or trojans have the bad habit of stealing the name, thus trying to create their gateway in system (As may be true, but information may be composed of half often harmful).

Rundll32.exe is a Windows system process (Ie legitimate progran Microsoft's) File system used to launch . Dll (Dynamic Link Library), Given that they can not be launched directly (ie, without rundll32.exe can not open Control Panel, Display Properties, Computer Properties, Date & Time Properties and so on). Accidental or intentional deletion of this process can give serious headaches users, since it is used for the proper functioning of critical applications for the system. Rundll32.exe also represents a potential riskBecause some viruses that lends names are used by hackers to access the remote systems and finding passwords (email, Internet banking, etc.) and personal data. Therefore it is recommended to perform regular scans complete system with a effective antivirusAnd its location before removal process (legitimate process rundll32.exe is located in C: \Windows\ System32, Viruses that use the same name are located in any folder).

Attention! Rundll32.exe more legitimate instances can run simultaneously not mean necessarily that a potentially infected system.