00: 47: but dreaq di doing in bed at this hour?

Lawrence: good night
Lawrence: I go to bed
zuzu zuzu-: no
zuzu zuzu-: stay away
zuzu zuzu-: 5 min
zuzu-zuzu: but this time di dreaq do in bed?

Even so ... but hell I do di bed at this hour? This year I do not know if I slept more than 4 (four) nights.

Awakening to 15:00 (Or 12: 00 ... hai ... 11: 00. Hmm .. Denys ...) I see triple monitor (CRT, LCD and CLRCTD). Hello everyone that prevents my eyes with "good morning" to 17 hours - 19. Then finish my coffee and two. Serve regular meals.

~ 21: 00 - breakfast

~ 01: 00 - lunch

~ 06: 00 - Dinner

It's normal to walk through downtown at 2 AM, to do my coffee at 3 AM, to receive and make calls without any embarrassment between the hours 21: 00 - 06: 00, etc..

07:00 - 08: 00 - sleep.

PS. Get married! Maybe so negotiate an hour of sleep.

00: 47: but dreaq di doing in bed at this hour?

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