Chemical accident in Ukraine affected

Yes, as you well know (probably) today there was a chemical accident in Ukraine. How serious it will be and what the consequences will be for Romania, I don't know and I don't want to know now. I'm not going to write about the chemical accident because I'm not going to do it. "news @ stealth site", But I can say that are the most affected by this catastrophe. After I came across a title like "A deadly cloud heads to Romania"(This sounds like:"Definitely going to die soon" ), I saw how the webmasters of the site in question try to color me and with red : =)). It would be more interesting, I know. But you are funny fire or to keep up with the latest news, I rephrase: "You are more acidic than phosphoric acid and your mind will burn more like phosphorus." Pupici *.

The problem for Bull: A lethal cloud is at 250 km from a village and stretches 90km2. After one day, the distance between the cloud and the nearest town southern border is 160km. Which way is going to the cloud?

The hottest title of the news: :))

Chemical accident in Ukraine affected

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