The Lacoste crocodile ran to the dentist

The famous crodil on the logo of the French company, producer of Lacoste clothes and perfumes, devoured some vegetarian mannequins and has serious teeth problems. The crocodile was taken into "custody" by two British dentists who filed in 2004, a request for registration of the crocodile (as logo). Lacoste company, challenged the approach of the two… Read More

Yahoo.Messenger.YmApp has stopped working & more options.

I promise to be hired by Yahoo! Messenger Team. I tried almost all possible plugins and hacks on YM 8 and now I turned my attention to the version beta (preview) Yahoo! Messenger Vista. I'm one step away from giving up this version, until new major updates appear, to find it a little poorer… Read More

. Htaccess online tool, is the simplest solution for editing with the most common commands of .htaccess files. By and large, the .htaccess file is an ASCII file (easy to edit in notepad) that communicates with the server (Apache). Improper setting may affect the proper functioning of the system and / or domains and subdomains… Read More

New six emoticons / Yahoo Messenger: bd

Sarah Bacon (Product Manager. Yahoo! Messenger), announced yesterday on the official Yahoo! Messenger, the launch of six new icons (emoticons / smiley faces), for the latest version beta of Y! M. Y! M Emoticon Contest yielded. : D Nice :). The latter are added to the sets of emoticons, already existing for Y! M. ... Read More

Demonoid round. CRIA | 1-2

So far the score between Demonoid (the largest torrent tracker - and CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association) is 1 to 2. A month and a half ago, the provider hosting the BitTorrent tracker stopped accessing the site following a notification from CRIA, which officially accused the tracker administrators… Read More

SH Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone? : D

… And “SH” to be from Second Hand? :) shMessenger is a little software that I see as a good alternative to, for those who access the Yahoo! page via wap and / or gprs. Mobile, just to access Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone. The shMessenger application is available in several… Read More