Enable / Disable Full Screen Split View for Mail in MacOS High Sierra

With the launch MacOS High Sierra, a number of options have been introduced with the ease of doing more work on Mac / MacBook and increasing productivity.
One of the new options is "split view" for the Mail application.

What is split view on macOS?

Opening two full-screen windows of two different applications or the same applications but having different content.
In the screenshot below we have a split view for Mail and Safari.

Apple introduced this feature for the Mail application with the launch of MacOS High Sierra. So when we receive a mail or we want to compose a message and we are in Safari, the screen automatically splits into two parts. One in which we have the email application with the message and the other with the browser.
A useful function, especially when we need to track elements from a content that helps us compose the message, but this division. made automatically, can be annoying to users.

Enable and disable "split view" for Mail application, is made from its settings.

  • we open Mail
  • we go to "Preferences"
  • in the "General" tab unchecked the option: "I prefer opening messages in split view in full sceen"

Once this option is unchecked, the Mail application will not open in full screen every time you receive a message or compose one, and it will not appear in the split view either.

As far as I noticed, this change takes effect after we close and reopen Mail application.
To reactivate the option, go to the same place in General and check the box.

Enable / Disable Full Screen Split View for Mail in MacOS High Sierra

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