How do we see the processes / applications on Mac, who have internet connections?

There are scenarios where we need to know what applications or services on macOS have internet connection. Whether we want to detect an application that uses an internet connection in an unjustified way to transfer sensitive data from Mac, either we want to set certain rules in a firewall or we want to limit them… Read More

How to make a USB Flash Drive bootable with Windows 10 pe macOS

I found out the other day to make a USB flash drive "bootable" with Windows 10 pe macOS, is simpler than on Windows. I was in that scenario where I needed to install Windows 10 on a laptop, and the only computer with an OS at hand was only one MacBook Pro. By default, Apple ... Read More

Fix Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator 2020 Installer Error - Installer file may be damaged

Lately, more and more users are complaining that they can no longer install various applications on Mac. Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Lightroom and others in the Adobe 2020 suite are no exception. When trying to install an application, the message: The appears installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download Read More

Zsh Vs. Bash in macOS Catalina

With the launch macOS Catalina, besides the many novelties and features, Apple also introduced Zsh (Z shell) instead of Bash (Bourne-again shell). Users familiar with the Bash scripts and interactive command lines in the Terminal quickly noticed this change. In the Terminal it is suggested to execute a command line to make the transition from… Read More

macOS Catalina - Security plus with dedicated read-only volume (macOS Date)

At the presentation event of the future operating system for Mac, macOS Catherine, Apple brought to the fore the increase of security.macOS Catalina will be the first operating system of Apple which will have its own volume for system files, and it will be "read-only". This change will definitely improve security. ... Read More

How to enable automatic updating for applications and operating system on macOS [Automatic Updates]

Apple is ahead of the competition (Microsoft) in terms of operating system updates for the devcies produced by the company. Let's talk about iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV or Mac, those who have purchased one or more devices Apple they were able to enjoy updates equally with users around the world. Si or sa… Read More

How can we access from Mac the shared folders of a Windows PC from LAN

macOS si Windows there are two completely different operating systems. Both from the point of view of many features and operational, the two operating systems developed by Apple and Microsoft use different architectures, respectively. Despite the differences, they can be accessed one after the other in a local area network (LAN). If we work on Mac dar… Read More

macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 - New Emoji & Bug Fixes

macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 has reached Beta 3, and Apple promises that in the near future users of Mac to be able to receive the update to the final version. The new version solves a series of bugs and security problems present on macOS High Sierra 10.13 and comes with new emoji icons package. In the new emoji set Read More

macOS High Sierra - “Significant Locations” or tracking the locations you have been to Mac / MacBook

Few users know that with the launch macOS High Sierra, Apple has also introduced a location service for devices MacBook, MacBook Pro, Air… This service, called “Significant Locations”, asks for information about your current location. Macand stores them in a local database. They are kept encrypted and not… Read More

Enable / Disable Full Screen Split View for Mail in macOS High Sierra

With the launch macOS High Sierra, a number of options have been introduced with the roll of ease more work on Mac / MacBook and to increase productivity. One of the new options is "split view" for the Mail application. What does "split view" mean? macOS  Opening two windows in full screen (full screen) second… Read More