Fix mds_stores high CPU usage on Mac / MacBook

Mac si MacBook are considered the quietest calculators, but when a process starts consuming abnormally many resources CPU, they get a little noisy. mds_stores high CPU usage it is often the problem that is at the origin of one Mac noisy.

Before we see what it is mds_stores and what role it has on operating systems macOS, let's see a little what we have to do when at Mac or at MacBook, the cooling fans start to sound excessively loud.

Why Mac or MacHas Book become noisy?

By everyone's understanding, any computer, whether it has an operating system Windows, Linux or macOSHas a cooling system. When the "brain" of a computer, CPU (processor) this overloaded with many operationsIt it starts to heat up. Sometimes MacThe Book heats up so much that we can hardly hold our hand on the upper part above the keyboard.

The noise that often at Mac / MacWe perceive the book as a hissing sound produced by the fans that increase their revolutions in an attempt to maintain CPU at the reasonable operating temperature.
There is no cause for concern if the temperature exceeds 80°C. Intel processors are able to withstand temperatures up to 100°C.

What is and what does the process do mds_stores on macOS

Fortunately mds_stores it's not a virus or malware application. This a system process which runs in the background and has the function of indexing all files present on Mac. Files that can later be found by the user when using Spotlight Search. The indexed files represent data in folders, mail and messages, pictures, documents, video and audio files, contacts and many other data that when you search, Spotlight Search presents them in the results.

Why is he consuming? mds_stores great resources CPU (high CPU usage)

The reason is obvious. In the scenario where you move or copy many files to the hard drive in a very short time, mds_stores starts indexing them automatically. With a large volume of files, the process will run until all new data is indexed for Spotlight.

It can also happen that mds_stores to consume large resources of CPU and if you are in the following scenario... You have one MacBook that you keep closed and a Mac on which you have moved or transferred a large volume of data to iCloud. If you start MacBook after a few days, mds_stores will run to update the database according to the changes made on Mac while he was stopped. This means a lot of indexing processes and a high consumption of resources CPU.

Fix mds_stores high CPU usage on Mac
mds_stores high CPU usage on Mac

Go in Activity Monitor the "Disk” and you will see the volume of data that the process mds_stores write it on the hard drive.

mds_stores Disk Write
mds_stores Disk Write

In the above scenario with mds_stores at 125% CPU usage, believe me that MacThe Book had become quite noisy and the top case had become quite hot.
If you are curious what the temperature is CPU in such moments, execute in Terminal command:

sudo powermetrics --samplers smc |grep -i "CPU die temperature"

In this way find out what the temperature is CPU on Mac (Intel). You will receive in Terminal an output of tEMPERATURE CPU such as:

~ % sudo powermetrics --samplers smc |grep -i "CPU die temperature"
CPU die temperature: 74.38 C
CPU die temperature: 74.92 C
CPU die temperature: 74.36 C

To get an idea of ​​the activity in real time and to see what it is indexing mds_stores at that moment, open it Terminal and run the command line (user password required):

sudo fs_usage -w -f filesys mds_stores

Here is an output when the process was not very requested:

mds_stores Live activity
mds_stores Live activity

Fix mds_stores high CPU usage on Mac / MacBook

Method 1 – Restart Mac

The best method is to let it do its routine and finish indexing the new files, without acting on it. If you still have signs like this process mds_stores consume excessively many resources by an error, the best method is to restart Mac. After the reboot it is very possible that mds_stores not to consume so much of CPU.

Method 2 – Stop indexing Spotlight

As simple as the first method, for fixed mds_stores high CPU usage we can stop file indexing Spotlight. Run in Terminal command:

sudo mdutil -a -i off

In about 1 minute you will notice how resources are consumed CPU it drops again Mac / MacBook starts to become more and more silent.
To resume indexing Spotlight execute in Terminal command line:

sudo mdutil -a -i on

Method 3 – Reindexing the data in Spotlight

You will use this as a last resort in case some data is corrupted again mds_stores it cannot index them and there are problems of excessive running of the process. Next command line will delete all indexed data and restart their reindexing. So be very careful because the indexing process can take several hours.

sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V100/*

Summary – Fixed mds_stores high CPU usage on Mac / MacBook

mds_stores is an operating systems process macOS, present including on macOS Ventura (most recent at this time). This process indexes all data present on the hard drive, including those synchronized with iCloud Drive, so that users can find them when they are searched with Spotlight Search.
The actual resource consumption of mds_stores it is best seen in Activity Monitor → Disk, where it indicates the volume of data read and written. The larger the data volume, the more it will have CPU higher usage.

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