Back / Forward Buttons in Firefox 3.0 RC1

For several days, was launched version de Firefox . 3.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1), available at download (In Romanian) for Windows, Linux si Mac OS.Probably this is the last before the final version is scheduled for release in June this year.
RC3 1 Firefox comes with a number of substantial improvements in the graphics, security, functionality si performance compared with finished version. More details about the new browser updates can be found on "".

For me, the transition from the RC3.0 1 version was made with a little surprise. In the new version my buttons disappeared navigation "back"And"Forward". I saw on Google, they are not only looking buttons "back" and "forward". I did not know if there is a problem with me, or if new browser provides no appearance of these buttons. It would have been stupid second version ... so the problem was with me and solution very simple:

View -> Toolbars -> Customize... -> Restore Default Set -> DONE .

restore toolbars in firefox 3.0 rc1

back and forward buttons.

So much to do :)


* If you have not crossed over to the new version, you should know that currently add-ons and themes (add-ons & themes) Are very few for Firefox 3.0. Homework, even non-existent at the moment.

Back / Forward Buttons in Firefox 3.0 RC1

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