Breaking, but not Quite News: Expired Internet

Even if it seems a kind of joke, similar to that of the end of the Internet 2000 early on, the claim that "Internet is expired"Belongs even one of those who founded half a century ago.

Lawrence Roberts, founder ARPANETSaid in an article of or current system consisting of packet not meet the requirements of modern applications (voice si video) Used more and more by the large number of users who currently have Internet and that only can deal with this situation.

The Internet is broken. I should know: I designed it. In 1967, I wrote the first plan for the ancestor of today's Internet, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, or ARPANET, and THEN led the team designed and built it That. The main idea was to share the available network infrastructure by sending date as small, independent packets, Which, though at different times They Might arrive, Would still make it to Their Generally destinations. The small computers directed the date traffic-That I Called Them Interface Message Processors, or IMPs, evolved into today's routers, and for a long time they've Kept up with the Net's phenomenal growth. Until now.

The solution proposed by Roberts full system re- network with a new type of routers that carry information in continuouslyWithout disruption to eliminate large delays of data packets and errors caused by the loss of such packages.

The upshot is that directing traffic in terms of flows rather Than individual packets improves the utilization of networks. By eliminating the excessive Delays and Packet Losses random typical of traditional routers, flow management Fills communication links with more time and protects voice and video streams. And it does without requiring changes to All That the time-tested TCP / IP protocol.

More details on how to "save" the Internet in the near future find here.

Breaking, but not Quite News: Expired Internet

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