When he will be withdrawn Windows 10 and what PC we need for Windows 11. Windows 10 end of life

Immediately after Microsoft unveiled the future operating system Windows 11, many wondered what will happen in the near future with Windows 10. If we can still install Windows 10 and if we receive more updates after Windows 11 will be available to the general public.

The concern of many is justified, especially as Windows 11 cannot be installed on computers cu 8th generation Intel processors, which means no later than the third quarter of 2017.

Fortunately, until October 2025 we have nothing to worry about if we have a computer with Windows 10. Microsoft announced on Lifecycle like Windows 10 Home si Windows 10 Pros will be available until October 14, 2025. Asadar “Windows 10 end of life"It's not that close.

This means that after October 14, 2025 you will not be safe to use Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft will no longer provide driver support or security updates.

For versions of Windows 10 Enterit is very possible that the support will be extended until after 2025. We take into account the fact that even today there are many companies whose computers have Windows 7.

We need to change our computer so we can install Windows 11?

As I said in other articles, Windows 11 has some additional hardware requirements from Windows 10. We can't install Windows 10 on a processor Intel older than the 8th generation or on a AMD Ryzen 3 below 3250C.

Microsoft has released lists of models and generations of Intel and AMD processors that can be installed Windows 11. See: Windows 11 Supported AMD Processors si Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors.

If the processor on your computer is not on one of these lists of compatible processors Windows 11, you probably need to think about a new computer or laptop after the fall of 2025.

Starting October 25, 2025 does not mean that Windows 10 it won't work anymore. It is "Windows 10 end of life ”but a computer or laptop can still be used but will no longer be protected against new types of malware, ransomware and other exhibits which appear day by day.

In conclusion, if you are in the situation where you want to buy a new computer or laptop, keep in mind that the processor should be of the newest generation. That is if you intend to keep it for a few years and have the latest versions of it Windows 11.

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