Confirm File Replace Windows XP - No to All

In Microsoft Windows it is impossible to have two files in a folder with the same name. As you have noticed, when copy files the same name, From one folder to another, Windows XP We offer solution replace for one file with the same name (And it is), Or all files who have the same name "Yes to All".

confirm file replace Windows XP

Notice in the picture above, as in the "Confirm File Replace" Windows XP does not enable us to copy all the files that contain the same name already in the destination folder. For each negation must click "No". Biggest problem would be, but if you are copying pictures 500 and 100 of them are already in the destination folder ... will take some time to press the button twice 100 "No".

"No to All"Exists in Windows XP, but to use this command must Hold down Shift and to click on the "No" in "Confirm File Replace".

This little freak of Windows XP was resolved very well on new operating systems Windows Vista si Windows 7Which gives us options: "Don`t copy" + "Do this for the next X conflicts" and "Copy, but keep both files" (Option that preserves existing file and renames the one who creates conflict in the destination folder name.

copy files in Windows 7

Confirm File Replace Windows XP - "No to All" option.
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Confirm File Replace Windows XP - No to All

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