How can we customize the Send To menu Windows 7

If you start getting embroiled in the crowd folders from your PC, and the search became certain difficult because of this, maybe it's time to do some cleaning on your Hard Drive. Or, if it solution not just your liking (or time, or laziness ...: P), you can opt for shortcuts (shortcuts) Directly to the respective folders. Such as option Send To from context Menu (Ie you can add shortcuts Send To menu to any folder you like).


To customize the Send To menu, you must access the folder with the same first name (sendto) Folder which you can find in Users -> "your username" -> AppData-> Roaming-> Microsoft->Windows.


then make shortcuts the folders you want to add to the Send To menu and place them in the SendTo folder.

create_shortcut sendto_folder2

You can also delete entries / shortcuts who will use this menu (eg. Fax Recipient).


Note: This tutorial was made on Windows 7. Can be used for Vista and adjusted for XP.

How can we customize the Send To menu Windows 7

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