How can we uninstall hidden programs in Windows XP

As you probably noticed by now, for some programs that are installed by default in Windows XP (That come bundled with it) there uninstall option via Add / Remove Programs from control Panel.

To make these programs hidden occur normally among programs listed in Add / Remove Programs, there is a very simple solutionAnd if you follow the instructions below exactly, it will also be risk-free.

For starters, you must set Windows XP displaying including hidden files and folders (Open menu Tools in Windows Explorer-> Select folder Options->View-> Select Show hidden files and folders from under Hidden files and folders)

Then go to the folder Windows (Usually located in C: \) Locate and open the folder INF then locate the file Sysoc.inf.

open Sysoc.inf using Notepad. You will see the following list

Signature = "$ Windows NT $"
DriverVer = 07 / 01 / 2001,5.1.2600.0

NtComponents = ntoc.dll, NtOcSetupProc,, 4
WBEM = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, wbemoc.inf,hide,7
Display = desk.cpl, DisplayOcSetupProc,, 7
Fax = fxsocm.dll, FaxOcmSetupProc, fxsocm.inf,, 7
Minced = netoc.dll, NetOcSetupProc, netoc.inf,, 7
iis = iis.dll, OcEntry, iis.inf,, 7
com = comsetup.dll, OcEntry, comnt5.inf,hide,7
dtc = msdtcstp.dll, OcEntry, dtcnt5.inf,hide,7
IndexSrv_System = setupqry.dll, IndexSrv, setupqry.inf,, 7
TerminalServer = TsOc.dll, HydraOc, TsOc.inf,hide, 2 <== Terminal Server (Disables Fast User Login, Remote Desktop.)
MSMQ = msmqocm.dll, MsmqOcm, msmqocm.inf,, 6
ims = imsinsnt.dll, OcEntry, ims.inf,, 7
fp_extensions = fp40ext.dll, FrontPage4Extensions, fp40ext.inf,, 7
AutoUpdate = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, au.inf,hide, 7 <== Auto Update
msmsgs = msgrocm.dll, OcEntry, msmsgs.inf,hide, 7 <== Windows Messenger (aka MSN Messenger)
RootAutoUpdate = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, rootau.inf,, 7
IEAccess = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, ieaccess.inf,, 7

Games = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, games.inf,, 7 <== Games
AccessUtil = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, accessor.inf,, 7
CommApps = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, communic.inf,HIDE,7
Many = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, multimed.inf,HIDE,7
AccessOpt = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, optional.inf,HIDE,7
Pinball = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, pinball.inf,HIDE, 7 <== Pinball
MSWordPad = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, wordpad.inf,HIDE, 7 <== WordPad
ZoneGames = zoneoc.dll, ZoneSetupProc, igames.inf,, 7

WindowTitle =% WindowTitle%
WindowTitle.StandAlone = "*"

If you look carefully, you will find the word HIDE appear on different lines. You've just discovered Hidden Programs in Windows XP.

Delete the word HIDE from those lines, but be careful keep commas located before and after it (ie , HIDE, will become,).

Save the file after you finish, then check Add / Remove Programs. You will notice that initially hidden programs will be listed among the remaining programs that can be uninstalled.

Please note: Before you change sysoc.inf make a backup of this file to make sure there are no issues after your surgery. Note that it is possible that some programs of the "desconspirate" still refuse to leave uninstalled, depending on System services they depend on.

How can we uninstall hidden programs in Windows XP

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