How can we set it? Windows 8.1 to save files locally and not to OneDrive

When he was released Windows 8.1, one of the Feature Sites it was integration in system OneDrivs (formerly known as SkyDriveIt is online storage service offered by Microsoft products). Because of this feature when your computer with Windows 8.1 is connected to the InternetAny file saved in the system will be saved as OneDrive (If you have your computer connected to the Internet, then files will be saved locally). But there are certainly plenty of users (probably you) who do not use OneDrive or rather can save local files even when when the system is connected to internet (And that's probably because when you're working files are Saved in OneDriveIf you suddenly lose your internet connection, you will not have access to them until the connection will not be restored).

How we set Windows 8.1 to save files locally and not to OneDrive?

Although users Windows 8.1 can set the files saved in OneDrive be available offline (When the system is not connected to the internet) right-clicking them and selecting Available offlineIt basically setting Download files that the computer (so fisirele will be available in both OneDriveAnd local level). If fisirele do not want to be saved in OneDrive and prefer them to be only available locallyOn the computer hard drive Windows 8.1Then the following instructions will show you how you can set this.

  • open Group Policy Editor (type: gpedit.msc in Run and give Enter)
  • in the left pane, navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> OneDrive (or SkyDriveDepending on which version of Windows 8.1 use)
  • in the right pane, identify and double-click the entry Save documents and pictures to the local PC by default

Save-filewere locally-in windows-8.1%

  • displayed in the settings dialog, select EnabledThen click on Apply si OK


  • then reboot for changes made to take effect

And ready. From now on, whenever you save a file to Windows 8.1Even if the system is connected to the Internet, that file will be saved locally instead of being directly saved OneDrive. Success!

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to set Windows 8.1 to save files locally instead of saving them on OneDrive

How can we set it? Windows 8.1 to save files locally and not to OneDrive

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