How can you change the way it looks TaskbarIn the Windows 7

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Windows 7 comes with a no. relatively large design changes from OS Windows that have preceded it. Among such changes may not be noticed taskbarCPC and character "iconizat". While for some this is very welcome, it is enough that feature do not "Hairstyle", be it by habit or functionality (Which each perceives in his own way).

So if you are among those who taskbarthe iconic (or square: P) puts them in trouble, and you want to "resurrect" the old taskbar, you can do this very easily.

Right click on Taskbar and select Properties menu displayed.


The window displays have more options, Including that of customize taskbarCPC. Go to Taskbar buttons and select the type of taskbar you want:

  • Always combine, hide labels (ie taskbarthe standard for Windows NEVER, heaven iconizatWho gather under one icon all sessions an application)
  • Combine when taskbar is full (sessions of the same application are displayed separately on taskbar until the moment when taskbaris crowded; then combine under the same icon)
  • Never combine (taskbarregains the habit he had in Windowsthe previous ones, that is, display the sessions of a distinct application and do not combine them even if it is crowded)
  • taskbar_buttons

    Then click on Apply si OK and that's it. Taskbarwill look the way you want.

How can you change the way it looks TaskbarIn the Windows 7

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