Unlock ID / Cont Y! M - Your account has been locked!

I think Y! Messenger started to go crazy big way for some time. In the last week I had to reset password from Yahoo! 4-5 times.
Without wrong password or someone change me, I woke up with "Your account has Been locked"When I try to log on Y! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail told me I was wrong password.
As far as I know, the message "Your account has Been locked"Appears after several failed login attempts. Perhaps someone tried to break the password of Y! M or to prevent me I login to Yahoo account.

sing the problem

Problem solving "Your account has Been locked"

In Yahoo! account you can set a alternate email address. Alternate email address we use to password reset, Even when watching personal data or answers to secret questions, Set when I created a Yahoo! account.

1. Click on "I can `t access my account".

i cant access my account

2. Tick ​​box "My password doesn `t work"

Forgot pass step 1

3. Introduce IDSite for which we want to recover password si security code the image.

Forgot pass step 2

4. Introduce alternative email address. Which course should I know password.

Forgot pass step 3

5. Check alternate email address and we click the link to reset the password. Reset My Password.

Forgot pass step 5

6. In the page that opens, you will have to enter the password. This can be your current password (which was not accepted) or a new password.

Forgot pass step 6

Now you can log into Messenger or Yahoo! Mail without problems. This is a network password recovery method, but it works and if you have an ID blocked. It is a effective solution to unlock the password of Yahoo Messenger / Yahoo Mail & etc..

Unlock Yahoo Account Password - Unlock Yahoo!

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Unlock ID / Cont Y! M - Your account has been locked!

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