Disable Login Screen (Welcome Screen) on Windows XP

When it starts Windows XP and the system has multiple users (Users Account) By default will appear at startup screen graphical user name and their icons. This "Welcome Screen"Handy user has the option to choose on which the user wants to run.


Usually, this option is enabled when the system you are two or more users, no matter whether or not they are protected by a password. When the PC there is only one user and is not protected with a password, the Welcome / Login Screen can become stressful. Require the user to after starting PCSite user to click the icon to run the system.

How can we disable "User Logon - Welcome Screen " pe Windows XP.

1. open control Panel and click on User Accounts.

2. Panel that opens, click the icon "User Accounts".

3. click on Change the way users log on or off. (Click on the image below to see exactly where option)

user accounts icon1

4. Panel that opens, uncheck option "Use the Welcome screen". (Although in the picture below option is checked)

user account 2

5. Click on "Apply Options".

When I reboot the operating system, you'll see that disappears Welcome Screen. This option is recommended for systems fosesc one user account on the operating system. Administrator. Ahh. To change this option (available on PCs that have more users), you must be logged in to a user with administrator privileges.

If a PC are more users, but want to start automatically on user administrator not experience Logon Screen, use settings like the last picture above. It is necessary for the administrator user is not password protected.

Disable Login Screen (Welcome Screen) on Windows XP

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  • solved logon no password winxp: after you have installed the operating system to backup your registry or give the file open regedit and hit export and save in regedit.reg and put rescue cd or usb stik and if you have problems in time to enable restoration regedit.reg

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