Be anonymous on the Internet with Free Hide IP [Privacy type]

Each wanted even once can browse Internet without leaving traces. The best solution? Changing the IP address. The majority of users use proxies which, most often they "set" manually or use certain websites that do their job more or less satisfactorily, usually surcharge.

Free Hide IP is a tiny, and "light", too (Consume very few resources), created especially for you protect privacy while browsing the Internet. Using this program will You can change your IP address and so you will defend the identity and more importantly, you will be able hide the traces of your online activities: Websites etc you entered. Also, given that you navigate using proxy you can enter the sites will be inaccessible when using public IP address.


How to use Free Hide IP

  • the first use immediately after installation, give first click on Update Proxy List. It will generate a list of proxies that you will be able to use to hide their identity


  • After creating proxies list, click on Hide My IP (IP will be selected randomly from the list)
  • When you want to return to the real IP address is enough to click on Stop Hiding IP


Enjoy browsing!

Note: This program has been scanned with Kaspersky AV and MS Security Essentials (virus free).

LA. Internet compatible application Explorer, Opera, Safari. Does not work for Firefox, Flock and Chrome.

Be anonymous on the Internet with Free Hide IP [Privacy type]

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