Windows 7 Update Settings

Immediately after installing a operating systemThe first thing to do is to modify default settings thereof so as to adapt it demands, needs or our whims. These settings are those for Windows UpdateThat, either configure them immediately after installing the system, whether we walk on them when we restart the computer because Automatic updates or when the system crashes after such an update, but rarely remain the default.

How to change settings for Windows Update in Windows 7

For those who were fans Windows XP years in a row and recently renounced it for his younger brother Windows 7Part of change default settings of the operating system It becomes somewhat complicated due to major differences between the two OS's. If you are among those who want to change settings update for Windows 7 but you have not managed to discover how you can do this, follow the steps below:

1. open control Panel and click on System and Security


2. In System and Security open Windows Update and click on Change Settings (Left pane)



3. In the open window you can change settings important updates Recommended for those who can download updates and whether or not to receive updates and / or information about Microsoft applications installed in the system (For ex. Microsoft Office)


Also, if you want to uninstall any update which surprised :) You can do this by following these steps:

  • in Windows Update click on View Update HistoryThen open Installed Updates (Or go to control Panel -> Program -> Program and FeaturesThen click on View Installed Updates in the left pane of the window)



  • from the selected list the update (Or updates) that you want to remove and click Uninstall (Above the list of updates).


To hide certain updates that you do not want to install, go to Windows Update and click updates available (Important or optional). Then select the updates you want to drop, right click on them (each one) and select Hide update displayed menu.



Note: It is not recommended to permanently drop important updates for Windows 7! Your operating system will be much more vulnerable to viruses and hackers!

Windows 7 Update Settings

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