Games: Madagascar - Escape Africa 2

Now you can help you save savanna Aficane! Stay calm, you do not have to go to Africa to give you a helping hand. If you have a computer with a video card performance and minimum-1 GB RAM, you download last game The sensation of the year 2008. Madagascar - Escape Africa 2. Madagascar - Escape Africa 2

Based on 2 film Madagascar Escape Africa (2008)The game allows you to explore maps on the 12 levels, putting at your disposal a total control of the most loved characters in the film. Each "actor" has a very important role in this adventure "video game". Characteristics of the film of Alex the lion, Marty zebra, Melman the giraffe, hippo Gloria and cunning penguins will help you successfully go over all challenges and tangles game. The game has other surprise characters and features that are introduced in the new film Madagascar. ;-) It becomes thrilling? ;;) Do not you think you'd do for one alone in such a game? No problem. You can use a friend or family. In multi-player mode you have part of a series of fun surprises. You can dance, playing football, auto racing to do with your playing partners, among other adventures savanna wildly-entertaining :)

Alex the Lion: Players used Alex's strengths Such as jumping, platforming and Defending against His enemies with loud roar and mango throwing skills. THEY CAN Also execute special moves like zipping down his tag vines and climbing poles and walls.
Marty the Zebra: Marty's ultra-fast speed and long jumping abilities help players outrun Even the Fastest enemy. His utilizing powerful kick attacks, gamers of can move objects and Overcome adversaries.
Melman the Giraffe: Melman possesses special healing powers, a hidden dancing prowess, the ability to target and fling objects at great distances and flying through the air helicopter-style.
Gloria the Hippo: Not only of can players use Gloria's size to knock down enemies and clear when needed Areas, CAN THEY USED HER Also fantastic swimming and graceful high diving abilities.
Those Crafty Penguins: Using Their stealth and tenacity, the Penguins is best at allowing gamers to Effectively outsmart humans. The Penguin's craftiness is Also Useful for driving cars, fishing for food, launching projectiles and operating mechanical equipment.
King JulianKing Julian lets players reach to fetch important objects Higher Ground That is impossible for the rest of the crew to reach and teaches players new abilities with his tag crazy showmanship.
Introducing Moto Moto the Hippo: An all new character in the film and the game, Moto Moto plays host to a number of different gameplay Challenges and smooth charm and abilities uses his tag in the game's rhythm based Missions and activities.

Madagascar Escape game 2 Africa is composed of 12 levels we share many mini-games. Each level is like a new adventure (New game) totally different from others. You will be trained into new competitions and new challenges you will face surprising. Swimming, riding, football, flying, racing, are just some of the surprises of this game.

Madagascar Escape is compatible 2 Africa PlayStation, Nintendo, XBOX 360, WII & Windows Vista/XP.

The game no Internet available download for free. Browse alone;)

Games: Madagascar - Escape Africa 2

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