Google launched the Penguin 2.0 update algorithm that verifies SEO techniques used by webmasters (Anti Webspam)

When the first Update al Penguin algorithm was released on April 24 2012, Internet suddenly became more complicated. Many Webmaster (Site administrators) found themselves with rank the sites completely evaporated, the visibility in search engines almost nonexistent and traffic ten times lower than in previous days. In principle, the algorithm targeted sites using SEO Techniques incompatible with Google Webmasters Guidelines (Called black-hat SEO), Such as intentionally duplicated's content, s misuse of keywords or WebSphere software. Obviously, there were legitimate sites that had undergone these collateral victims entering the category.

After one day, new updates Penguin, Which contains an updated version of the algorithm (hence the name of Penguin 2.0, Although it is the number 4 software update) was released, expecting its impact to be felt in the coming days.


The first three updates all Penguin relied on same version of the algorithmBeing targeted mainly pages maximum visibility (top level). Penguin 4 / 2.0 uses a new technology, Who brushed the entire site (including low-level pages), Which means that it will have greater impact than the first updates released.

What Web surfers (Especially webmasters) need to understand about Penguin updates is that they are not a way to penalize sites offering Low content or irrelevant and spam links users. Once the site was "clean" SEO techniques which violated Google policy, Its rank and visibility in search engines simply are not restored, but it will be reconstructed the 0. And the bad news for those who feel the bite cap is that Google said the impact will be adjusted in the future, which means it will be increasingly difficult for the users spam as a way to climb in rank to maintain traffic and visibility.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Google rolled out Penguin 2.0 update, the algorithm verifies Which SEO Techniques used by webmasters

Google launched the Penguin 2.0 update algorithm that verifies SEO techniques used by webmasters (Anti Webspam)

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