Download Windows 7 System Transparency

One of the great strengths of the operating system Windows 7 is its transparent look, a look that attracts even users who keep a reserved attitude towards it because of the resources it "swallows". The declared fans of transparency are mostly found among those who do not give too much importance to the performance of their system… Read More

Windows XP AERO - Context Menu, TaskBar & Start Menu

Not all users have sufficient system resources to install operating systems as well Windows Vista or Windows 7, but this does not mean that they can not slightly change the operating system interface Windows XP, so that it looks similar to systems with AERO graphical interface. wTrans is a small application that does not Read More

The color scheme has been changed to Windows Basic View

"The color scheme has Been changed to Windows Vista Basic ”is a message that tells you that the software you open is incompatible with the visual system Windows Aero. More exactly, Windowsautomatically changed its color scheme Windows Aero in Windows Vista Basic. Another cause that can lead to this change is… Read More