How we disable it updatea driver on Windows 10

Windows 11 Update

It is highly advisable to have the operating system up-to-date, especially when it comes to a system Windows, which is known to be full of vulnerabilities updatesecurity, those that bring improvements and new functions to the system, come and go updatedrivers. Updatefor integrated video card (Intel), dedicated video card, sound card, Read More

How can we prevent a user's password from being changed? Windows

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If you are accustomed to letting other people use your user on an operating system Windows, you certainly do not want those people to be able to change the user's access password. Also, if other users share the same user on your computer (different from your user), you will most likely want to prevent Read More

How can we hide a partition or an entire hard disk in Windows 8

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When we share the same computer with multiple users (whether it's family, friends, schoolmates, or work), the easiest way to keep our personal files private is to hide them. One method would be to check the option Hidden from the properties (right-click on the file> Properties) of each file,… Read More

Fast Run… Commands

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A list that includes several shortcuts, with which you can access various services of the operating system Windows XP .The commands below can be launched from Start -> Run… box. compmgmt.msc - Computer managementdevmgmt.msc - Device managerdiskmgmt.msc - Disk managementdfrg.msc - Disk defrageventvwr.msc - Event viewerfsmgmt.msc - Shared foldersgpedit.msc - Read More