Dryft, the iOS keyboard with unconventional design, has moved into the portfolio Apple

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Recently, Apple acquired Dryft, a startup with experience in virtual keyboard applications, bringing Randy Marsden - one of Swype's co-founders - to lead the team responsible for developing the official iOS keyboard. The American company confirmed the transaction concluded in secret towards the end of last year, without revealing the exact details. ... Read More

Gmail, Docs and Google Drive for iOS updated

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Google has updated its collection of device applications Apple, taking full advantage of the new features introduced with the launch of iOS 8. One of the beneficiaries, the Gmail messaging service, has acquired three new features, designed for efficient management of email messages. The first change, made after the example of native iOS 8 applications, allows us to answer or… Read More

Apple announced the launch of iOS 8 at WWDC 2014

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The fact that iOS 8 was announced on the first day by WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) supported by Apple in San Francisco it was no surprise to anyone, given that Apple has made a habit of announcing every year during this event, the next iOS operating system. But this ad has Read More