How to increase performance Windows 11 si Windows 10? Faster computer or laptop

We all want to have computers that run well, not get stuck when running various applications or when opening files. Plus we like the visual effects of Windows 10 si Windows 11. The start menu and taskbar with transparent effect, animated effects when closing and opening a window in Windows ... Read More

Speed-up your XP - Optimize Display Settings

For some users of the Windows XP operating system, system performance is everything. Windows XP has some visual effects that can steal the eye, but activated, they "steal" from the reaction speed of the system. If you do not want your monitor to abound with visual effects and you want to optimize the performance of your system, you can… Read More

Increases PC running speed by adjusting visual effects from Windows Vista

Surely Windows Vista is the operating system that has made many people upgrade their RAM to their systems desktop/ laptop. It is a system with a much advanced graphical interface compared to previous operating systems, but this also comes at a price. Consumption of system resources, especially RAM, is very high. Most of them … Read More