How can we delete a file from Windows using Command Prompt

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When we want to delete a file from an operating system Windows, we can do this very simple by right-clicking on it and selecting Delete from the displayed menu, or selecting the file and pressing the Delete key (this way, the file will be sent to the Recycle Bin, from where it can later be permanently deleted from the system ... Read More

How can we increase the shutdown speed of a computer with Windows via Registry Editor

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Normally, the closing time (Shut down) of a computer with Windows it should be much shorter than the start time. In some cases, however, it may happen that the shutdown time of the computers lasts much longer than the users are willing to wait (usually this is true in… Read More

How can we restartto or close the emergency Windowsul

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It is possible that sometimes we find ourselves in the situation where we have to close or restartI have the system immediately Windows. Also, in other cases the system may not shut down or restarteze properly and you want to avoid this (for example, the Shutting down screen stays locked for a long time). Thus Read More