Public Hubs List / DC ++

Public DC ++ Hubs - Complete list format xml a hubfixes may be viewed using client DC ++ used.

DC ++ configuration / Connection and Public Hubs List:

1. DC ++ open and configure " Personal Information "( File -> Settings ...)

2. Go to " Downloads "Configure folders and downloading files finished (Download complete) and the unfinished.

3. Click on "Configure Public Hub Lists"And the right button" add "Write address . After being written address click: add , OK si OK .

The result: Public Hubs List

Public Hubs List: (For users who use DC + + is a variant of newer 0.4033 )

Public Hubs List: (For DC ++ clients who recognize XML files)

List hubs will be updated periodically file keeps the same address.

How can I add hublist public?

in your DC ++ client click on the hublist public icon or select public hubs from the file menu and click on “Configure Public Hub Lists"Button; in the field, paste this address: or, for non xml enabled clients, and click the "add"Button. Now the list is Stored in your client. Once you have added the list do not forget to click the "refresh"Button.

Public Hubs Romania

Public Hubs List / DC ++

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