Why we are in danger if we use Windows XP yes Windows Vista

To our great surprise we noticed that there are still both individuals (home users) and institutions that still have computers with operating systems. Windows XP or with Windows Vista.Daca Windows XP was a successful operating system for Microsoft, being considered very "futuristic" in the years 2001 - 2010, not Read More

How we can send large files (archives, pictures, movies) to friends via Firefox Send

Even though technologically speaking we have advanced quite a lot, sending large files to friends or partners over the internet has remained complicated. For example, if we have a video or a 1 GB archive, there is no chance that it will be sent via e-mail. It is known that all e-mail providers limit… Read More

How to make and where to store a backup for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, using iTunes

Although not required to use or manage a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, backups are recommended for all users. A backup or backup is a file that contains all the data of your device and can be restored on it or on another device that belongs to you, if Read More

Resizing partitions on Windows View.

A number of partition resizing programs, such as Partition Magic, do not run on Windows Vista. The good news is that Windows Vista has a partition management tool that can do this very well. Specifically, to increase or decrease the space of a partition on the HDD without losing data. In order to … Read More

Theme for Windows Vista users.

AeroVG Theme for Windows Vista Install : Extract the content of RAR file to:% windir% ResourcesThemes, right-click on Desktop and select "Personalize" and then click on "Theme". Now select “AeroVG by Vishal Gupta” from the drop-down box and then Apply it. Download: AeroVG Windows Vista Theme * Theme for Windows Vista users. Your system must be Read More

Yahoo! Messenger Vista Preview @ 64-bit Vista

After being silent for almost a year, the Yahoo! Messenger got serious about Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista. (ymvista). Three days ago, they released to the public the Y! M Vista Preview version dedicated only to users of Windows 32-bit Vista. Starting yesterday, the new YM version! Vista runs and Read More

Yahoo! Dedicated messenger Windows Vista (pre-beta)

Finally, after months of waiting Yahoo! Messenger Team, I'm releasing a "preview" version of Y! M for Windows Vista. The new product seems to have been tested since the summer on a limited number of users and only now is a pre-release version given for public download.beta.Y! M Vista can only be used on computers running OS… Read More

New six emoticons / Yahoo Messenger: bd

Sarah Bacon (Product Manager. Yahoo! Messenger), announced yesterday on the official Yahoo! Messenger, the launch of six new icons (emoticons / smiley faces), for the latest version beta of Y! M. Y! M Emoticon Contest yielded. : D Nice :). The latter are added to the sets of emoticons, already existing for Y! M. ... Read More

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile EnterEdition socket

Currently produced in the variant beta and intended for a certain type of OS (operating systems), Kaspersky Anti-Virus® Mobile Enterprize Edition is equipped with the main security / anti-virus functions for mobile devices. - real-time scanning and interception of system files. (scanning incoming traffic, scanning data packets transferred wirelessly: infra-red,… Read More

SH Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone? : D

… And “SH” to be from Second Hand? :) shMessenger is a little software that I see as a good alternative to mobile.yahoo.com, for those who access the Yahoo! page via wap and / or gprs. Mobile, just to access Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone. The shMessenger application is available in several… Read More