MewSeek SoulSeek Client: Download music to iPhone

Appointed iSlsk in a previous version, MewSeek SoulSeek It is an application freewarePeer-to-peer (P2P) For iPhone si iPod, which allows mp3 downloading sites SoulSeek network directly from these devices. But from iSlsk, MeewSeek is available for iPhone 2.0. Once you have downloaded a song, MewSeek directly import your iPod / iPhone, so you can listen to together with the rest of the music on your phone


Although "close" the application, it will run in the background, Allowing you to be multi-task while MeewSeek download the desired music from SoulSeek users. To install MeewSeek, you must first install Community Sources (Device must first decoded), And listen to songs downloaded, you need PwnPlayer app (Application). Both applications MeewSeek and PwnPlayer are free and you can get via Cydia installer.


However, there is a small drawback: mp3 downloaded sites with MeewSeek will delete If you connect the device to iTunes. However, you will certainly not be disappointed by MeewSeek once you've tried.

MewSeek SoulSeek Client: Download music to iPhone

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