A girafaaa me !!!! : D

Eugene: so
Eugene: I saw
Eugene: hi hii
Eugene: a super giraffe
Lawrence: LOL
Laurentiu: you die?!
Eugene: and put my pisioarele
Eugene: by not buying you a
Eugene: e bestiala
Eugene: I had LAUR status with TA's GIRAFFE IN HI HII
Eugen :)
Eugene: I was with Ruan of've got something there
Laurentiu: promise me you buy!
Eugene: and I say it: "Look giraffe laurel lu"
Eugen :)
Lawrence: LOL
Eugene: move
Eugene: singing
Eugene: dancing
Eugen :)

to see you buddy ... buying giraffe I promise I take with me 3 (three) nights in Sport`s Pub ... or elsewhere. :)))

A girafaaa me !!!! : D

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