Recover deleted or modified files on Windows Vista.

Yes, you can recover files who were deleted or previously modified (Ie. Whether you make changes to a file. Dock and want to see how it looks before being rescued.) And if you use Windows Vista.

Windows Vista allows you to restore deleted files or earlier versions of files and folders, using restore points created by the tool System Restore. To use this method you have to create restore points before / save data (Restore Point). Specifically, set the system at some time to Record on Hard Disk state files and folders that are created at this point, so that later you can access files as they looked at when he created "restore point".

Enable System Restore on Windows Vista.

First, you must make sure you have at least free hard 300 MBAs System Restore to run normally. In many cases, System Restore asks until 15% from the total hard disk space. Also, remember that System Restore will not work format partitions FAT32.

To check if you have activated System Restore you need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Click on the start bar

2. Right click "computer"In the menu that opens click on"Properties". (See picture below.)

system restore way

3. In the window that will open, somewhere on the left side bar is written "System protected". Click.

4. The partitions for which it is activated "System Restore ”ticked the box next to them. For example, in the image below it is enabled for the system partition: Vista (C :) (System).

system restore

Okay. It is not sufficient to activate, if not created a restore point, or if it is set to a certain date / time to crBackup Diskautomatically restore such a point (Restore Point). If this option is enabled, Windows Vista will create a Restore Point every day, and every time changes occur in the system. (installing a new program or updates Windows, e.g).

To create a restore point, click on the "Create"(See picture above) and name this point, asteft that you do not confuse it with another. It's very simple.

To recover deleted files and folders using System Restore, You must follow a few steps.

1. Right click on a file or folder that have been saved.

2. From the window that opens select the folder that you want to retrieve.

3. Click "Restore"In tab"Previous Versions".

4. Drag the folder (drag & drop) the location where you want to save.

file drag

5. Folder deleted / modified is recovered :)


This method is especially useful for those who use it Windows Vista Ultimate, Business or Entertaking. A few days ago I understood what it means to not have a backup system health. I accidentally deleted some data and did not have any Restore Point / Backup.

For Windows Vista Home Edition I chose a solution that safe (I say) to protect your files. Protect your files by backing them up. A method in relation to the space occupied on your hard drive requires some resources and time. Compared with the above method, it uses "shadow copies".

Return ;).

Recover deleted or modified files on Windows Vista.

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