Why we are in danger if we use Windows XP yes Windows Vista

To our great surprise we noticed that there are still both individuals (home users) and institutions that still have computers with operating systems. Windows XP or with Windows Vista.Daca Windows XP was a successful operating system for Microsoft, being considered very "futuristic" in the years 2001 - 2010, not Read More

Firefox will no longer be available on Windows XP and Vista from 2017

Mozilla announced in a press release that in 2017 they will stop supporting the Internet browser Firefox for Microsoft operating systems Windows XP yes Windows Vista. “We expect to continue to provide security updates for [Windows XP and Windows Vista] users until September 2017, "It is not known for sure how many users in the world still use… Read More

Redstone, his descendant Windows 10, will be launched in 2016

Windows 10 it didn't even end well in a final version on the market and we are already hearing speculations about the next major version of the operating system from Microsoft. Although we do not have specific details about what will be different in the new version, we have a name, inspired by the recent acquisition of Microsoft. Redstone Read More

Windows 8 Auto Colorization for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

One of the new features of Windows 8 is also Auto Colorization, a feature that automatically changes color taskbarand window borders depending on the main background color used by the user for the system (desktop). This feature can be enabled / disabled in Control Panel> Personalization> Color (or right-click on Desktop > Personalize). In case of … Read More

Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows Sight yes Windows 7

One of the new features in Windows 8 is the improved Task Manager, which gives users access to more information and system settings. For users Windows Sight yes Windows 7 who do not want to upgrade to Windows 8, but who want to use a Task Manager similar to his, can use a… Read More

Download Windows 8 Metro Theme for Windows Vista

Although three years have passed since the launch of the operating system Windows 7, and Microsoft's newest system was launched last week, Windows 8, there are still enough users who still use it as the main system Windows Vista. For them, or more precisely for those who intend to stay still… Read More

Start Screen and Charms Menu for Windows 7, Windows Sight yes Windows XP

Although many users Windows 8 are not yet used to the new Start Screen or the Charms menu, there are enough users of previous versions of Windows who would like to be able to use these new features on these operating systems. For the latter we have good news: WinMetro brings the new Start Screen and Charms… Read More

Add the Charms menu from Windows 8 to Windows 7, Windows Sight yes Windows XP

One of the new features that comes with the package Windows 8 is the Charms Bar, a menu displayed when you hover your mouse over the lower right or top right corners of the screen, and through which users can quickly access various system options and settings. Although there are enough users Windows 8 who are not impressed Read More

Add Restore Ownership to TrustedInstaller in Context Menu in Windows

Starting with Windows Vista has become quite difficult for users to modify or replace their system files Windowsand that's because Microsoft has increased their security by putting them under the control (ownership) of a system user default, called TrustedInstaller. In order for the system files to be modified, the users Windows Vista, Windows 7 … Read More

[Updated] Download Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 Setup Files (Original & Untouched)

This article is out of date. Windows Vista is an operating system withdrawn by Microsoft and we do not recommend its installation and use. All download links have been deleted and we recommend that you visit the official Microsoft website to download new and original versions of Windows. Some time ago I published… Read More