Windows 8 7 Auto Colorization for Windows and Windows Vista

One of the new Feature Links of Windows 8 it is also Auto Colorization, Which feature automatically change color taskbar and window borders by Main color a 's background system used by the user (desktop). This feature can be on / off from Control Panel> Personalization> Color (Or right-click on Desktop> Personalize).


If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista and you want this feature for your operating system, the solution is called Aura.


Aura is a free utility si portable (No installation required) that identifies the basic color of the background or active window the system and resets the Aero Color (Color taskbar si Windows borders). The application is compatible with all versions of Windows that support Aero Effects, Namely Windows Vista and Windows 7.

If you do not notice much difference between initial color and color modified by Aura increase the color intensity from Control Panel> Personalization> Color Settings. To access the Aura options or closes the application, Right click on its icon in system tray.


Note: To use Aura is necessary to have installed Microsoft NET Framework SP3.5 1. Application in beta.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Windows 8 Auto Colorization for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows 8 7 Auto Colorization for Windows and Windows Vista

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