How to change the color and size of the text cursor in Windows 10

As soon as the update is released Windows 10 from May 2020, users will have new interesting features. I wrote about "Optional Update" in a previous article. Option by which users can choose to install or not certain updates for hardware drivers. Another novelty of the next update, it allows users to change… Read More

WooCommerce 30 + Variation Not Working [How-To Fix]

The optimization capability and flexibility of WooCommerce have made this platform increasingly popular among online store developers. Based on WordPress, WooCommerce is an ideal module (plugin) for those who want to create an online store from scratch. It has a very good indexing rate (SEO), does not require many resources Read More

Disable HTML editor in Visual TEXT Widget in WordPress

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How to make My Computer (This PC), Recycle Bin, Network and Control Panel appear on Desktop in Windows 10

For users who have made the transition directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10Skipping Windows 8.1, the working interface (UI / User Interface) may confuse them a bit. First of all on Windows 10, “My Computer” from Windows 7 became "This PC". Windows ExplorerSite / File Exlorer in which devices, drives are displayed… Read More

How to activate transparency in the Start menu from Windows 10 Preview

Among the major changes made by Microsoft to the system Windows with the launch Windows 8 also included giving up the Start menu in favor of the Start Screen and the Aero Glass feature (transparency). But as these changes have attracted mostly negative reviews from users, Microsoft has reintroduced the Start Menu in Windows 10, and if it is… Read More


One of the new features of Windows 10 is also the Start menu, reintroduced by Microsoft in the system after Windows 8 it has been replaced by the Start Screen (in Windows 10, The Start Screen is still available for tablet users or those who do not want to use the Start menu). Although the new… Read More

How to activate Aero Glass in Windows 10

First introduced in OS Windows Vista, Aero Glass is one of the features most users regret Windows 8/Windows 8.1, a system in which Microsoft decided to give it up for very ambiguous reasons. Although with the launch Windows 10 Microsoft is trying to fix certain errors (or changes… Read More

Download theme Windows 10 Operating System Windows 7

Microsoft earlier this month released the Technical Preview version of the next operating system Windows, Windows 10. How about a version beta, it is not recommended that it be installed as the primary operating system, in order to avoid possible errors that could cause data loss or corruption (interested users… Read More

Download Windows 10 Transformation Pack

Microsoft earlier this month released the Technical Preview version of the next operating system Windows, Windows 10. For those who haven't tested this version yet Windows, or for those who have tested it but have returned to a previous operating system (since it is a version beta, is recommended … Read More

Download Windows 9 Start Menu for Windows 7 and Windows 8

In the last days, more and more leaks have appeared online about the future operating system Windows, which confirmed at least one new feature of it, namely the reintroduction of the Start menu, which Microsoft gave up in favor of the Start Screen with the launch Windows 8. First version beta the next Windows, Windows 9 Technology Read More