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If you have not yet learned to type in the dark, there is a better solution than to keep the lights on in the room or desk lamp. Backlit keyboardFrom Logitech (Logitech Illuminated KeyboardAvailable) for both systems desktop, as well as Laptops. New laptop keyboard has a thickness of 2,1 cm and 900 gr by weight, provided with an aluminum support surface. This keyboard from the diNovo series (diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks) Greatly improves the typing experience by implementing PerfectStrokeand lights the key are exactly as letter / character.

logitech notebook keyboard light


Modern, stylish design: Add an element of style to any notebook-based workspace, with an ultra-slim profile, piano-black finish, and brushed-aluminum palm rest.


Stand-alone freedom: Use this performance keyboard with any Logitech mouse and notebook stand, so you-can type and work in a position that's most comfortable for you.
Our longest-lasting battery life: Three-year battery life minimizes the hassle of changing batteries. A flashing battery-indicator light alerts you When your batteries is low.
Powerful, reliable connectionLogitech's advanced dramatically 2.4 GHz wireless technology Reduces interference and features extremely fast data rate year, virtually no Delays or dropouts, and encryption for advanced security. Enjoy all the benefits of a cord with the convenience of cordless.


Premium typing experienceLogitech's PerfectStroke ™ key system with precision micro-scissors Makes each keystroke comfortable, fluid and silent.
Integrated number pad: Enjoy fast and Effortless data entry.

The keyboard model will be available in stores in October this year at a price of ~ $ 100.

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Keyboards for laptops lights

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