UPC, RDS, ConySat, Romtelecom

Ok.Trebuie pour my nerves somehow, because today I had the most unpleasant surprise of 2006.

With few days ago I set a time for me to move from parents (they live at home), somewhere in the center of Buzau. With an online presence over 18 hours 24 my first concern was of course to have access to the internet in the new location and therefore I had in mind a list of ISPs in Buzau where I could do my a subscription UPC headquarters Buzau. I studied online offers, I documented well and I hit the road.

The first internet provider that I found most advantageous was (Formerly Astral), thinking that if my UPC TV subscribers will not take long to install and sign a contract. Arriving at the UPC I noticed that they have moved office from floor to Customer et.1. Better. I was directed to that office for some "arrows" Xerox beautiful wall hanging hallways. If a door is opened and the hall was made less power, had to change your direction after orientation segetii indicators (to understand ... Fri Holidays and had walls adorned with something). Finally get in front of a door that says "customer". Knock, knock ... break. I slowly opened the door and nobody answers. In front of a picture I had remembered my deceased queues when people Mota waiting time from morning 4 cars with meat, eggs, milk (food ... it was up to `89, for those who do not know).

I understand why there were so many people and especially the age 3. Discounts on tickets for pensioners and those on low incomes, explaining landscape. Finally ... after more than 20 minute get to ask someone there if possible to have internet at .......

"- Wait to check it out."

After 20 minutes of waiting, during which the man had other occupations out there and certainly no longer think that should give me an answer, I wonder if verified, and I answer dryly: "Can not there."
Intel's why I can not, but in the end ... it was probably a subscriber extra uninteresting, especially at home.

Lawrence: but .. from what I understood from a very superficial explanation of one of there
Lawrence: can not bag my astral
: O.0
: TV's not compatible?

Ok .. followed phones ...

RDS - "For that area we can not help than with dial-up by Romtelecom or fiber optic from $ 100 up". Yep.

ConySat - "We can not, but if you wait 2-3 weeks resolved and there." No, thank you. No related post.

Romtelecom:: |

Lawrence: UPC can not give net there ConySat not (possibly over-2 3 wk), RDS is not
Eugene: romtelecom
Eugene: ClickNet
Lawrence: clickdraci
Lawrence: give me packages and phone numbers to call them
Eugene: LOL
Eugene: Romtelecom go to the center
Eugene: and go home with net
Eugen ::)
Lawrence: and netul how it goes ... I'm walking all through the house ... eventually
Lawrence: If I make an upload
Eugen ::)
Eugene: if you want to upload you get the house antenna
Lawrence: http://www.clicknet.ro/index.php?sv=5&sc=3&ro=1
Lawrence: Look out rates

It remains to be seen whether iNES tomorrow I can help you. Lord help!

Around these are the consequences if you live at home (wherever) and you want internet . Ro .

UPC, RDS, ConySat, Romtelecom

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