7 Windows Boot Option Boot Manager is not available in Dual Boot Repair

There's no secret I'm a fan . Since the first time I tested it, although it is currently only available in version beta / trialI left with a good impression about performances thereof. However, I can not definitively quit (Or only for some tutorials They write about it). But my XP, newest, was upset and did not want to work (probably because "Experiments" lately which has undergone: D).

The problem is like this: I have a system Packard Bell Imedia 8602 cu Windows XP preinstalled. Which means that although we license from XP, I have a proper installation CD, but a Recovery Disk. Which means (again) that I have not option repair the existence of such a CD, but can only give recover from system. What I did. So far, all well and good, but the surprise came after the XP "reborn"Disappeared dual-boot menu (I forgot to specify that I installed Windows 7 on the same PC with XP), my PC bootand automatic Windows XP. I tried VistaBootPro (bcdedit), And even Recovery Console no results. Partition where Windows is installed 7 was accessible from XP, BIOSCPC identify two operating systems, but not Poteau than XP boot.

Then I remembered that a few days ago a similar problem has been reported to me by a user (Levi) In comments post. And all this user and provide me solution (Short memory: D. Thanks!).

So if you are in a situation similar to that described above and would like to repair dual boot menu Windows 7 to access (no need to reinstall it), you need The installation DVD of Windows 7. Specifically the option to repair the existing thereon.

win-7-install screen recovery-options

Click on Startup Repair to enable the system to discover and troubleshoot. After the restart, the menu will appear controversial.


And so I found that sometimes the simplest solution is the only valid. Good luck! :)

7 Windows Boot Option Boot Manager is not available in Dual Boot Repair

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