Upgrading to Windows 7

Since its launch Beta, microsoft users reported that the launch the final versionThose who hold an operating system (licensed) Can be upgrade directly to OSThis upgrade costing less than Installation DVD the Windows 7. Also said as users will not benefit from such an upgrade. But a few days ago, Microsoft announced that its "second thoughts" and upgrade to Windows 7 will be available for them.


In this case, everyone should be happy, but there are some small chitibusuri that users Windows have to accept. Thus, those who own a Windows Vista OS should know that if they choose to upgrade, the conditions are as follows:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium - upgrade only to 7 Windows Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Business - upgrade only to Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows Vista Ultimate - upgrade only to Windows Ultimate 7
  • If, for example, currently hold a Windows Vista Home Premium licensed, you can not upgrade the Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. To make the "exchange" tags (Which implies functionality each version separately), you have to make a Normal installation the system.


XP users will be able to buy Licensed to price reled by choosing to upgrade to OS, but this upgrade will act as a Installation "on 0 (zero)". And conditions are the same as the upgrade to Windows Vista (Only possible between equivalent versions). It is recommended that you back-up on an external hard drive (because chances backups made on XP with Special software can not be "handled" in Windows 7 are high), and after the upgrade you will need to reinstall applications and to manually move files personal.

However, there are quite a few fans (declared or not: P) of Windows 7 not take account of these small obstacles and eagerly await the release of the final version. Windows 7, hurry up! :)

Upgrading to Windows 7

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