How do I make a USB stick bootable with Windows 7 [7 Install Windows from USB Stick]


Last week I had to solve a small problem a mini laptop Asus Eee PC he cracked operating system (Windows XP). I tried to get into Windows in several ways but none worked. In addition, the owner wanted to quit Windows XP in favor of the Windows 7.
Installation a new operating system on a Eee PC would be simple if the old operating system as functional and may begin the installation Windows 7 below it. Another option would be simple to install with the aid of a DVD bootableBut as we have at hand a DVD optical driveThe only solution remains operating system installation Windows 7 bootable from a USB Stick.

How create a Bootable USB Stick and how to install Windows from USB Stick 7.

Before you start working, make sure that you have at hand a Minimum 3 GB USB Stick and the system (laptopSite or PCDisk) on which you want to install Windows from USB stick 7 has a BIOS which would enable device booting from external sites. This thing you can check entering BIOS "Hard Disk Boot Priority". If you find the option boot from USBYou have to set it to "First Boot Device".


USB stick bootable with Windows 7 can create a simple Windows 7. Here steps for you to create a bootable stick with Windows 7 :

1. Attach the USB stick (preferably greater than 4GB) Your system and make a backup all data on it. Before becoming bootable USB stick will be formatted. After format all data will be erased from it.

2. Open Command PromptWith the Administrator privileges. Click on Start Menu -> Type "CMD"In"Search programs and files"-> Right-click"cmd"-> Click"Run as administrator".

cmd run as administrator

3. In Command Prompt type the following orders:

Diskpart and press enter
LIST DISK and press enter

After you click LIST DISK command will need to identify what number is your USB

list disk cmd

In our case it is the 7656 MB (Disk 2).

4. Follows a series of commands in CMD which will have to format the USB stick. After each command line press enter:

SELECT DISK 2 (Check the disk number for your case is very important!)





FORMAT FS = NTFS (Will begin the format that it can take up to several minutes. Wait to get to 100%)



make boot usb windows 7

make usb windows 7 boot 2

Once finished giving these commands and the result is that in the pictures above, minimize the CMD and insert DVD with Windows 7 in optical drive.

5. Identify Drive LetterThe (letter) USBSite and that of DVDSite with Windows 7.

In our case F is the optical drive and J Is USB stick.

6. After you have entered your DVD with Windows drive letter 7 and have identified the two devices, back in CMD and type the following commands:

F: CD BOOT and press enter. F is the DVD drive letter.

CD BOOT and press enter.

Bootsect.exe / NT60 J: (J USB stick)

After these commands you will receive a message like:

Target Volumes Will Be updated with Bootmgr compatible bootcode.

J: <\? F9452 Volume {....}>

Successfully updated filesystem bootcode NTF.

Bootcode was Successfully updated on all targeted volumes.

creaza usb stick bootabil 3

7. Copy Windows DVD contents to USB Stick 7. Copy & Paste.

Upon completion of the copying process have a Bootable USB Stick Windows 7. Follow 7 install Windows from a USB Stick.

Install Windows 7 (on USB Stick) on an Eee PC (or a laptop / PC without DVD optical drive)

1. Attach USB to your laptop (with laptop closed)

2. Turn on your laptop and select the Boot Manager (immediately after power is an option) your stick

3. Follow the standard installation process of Windows 7.

This tutorial has been tested by us on a ASUS Eee PC. Stick bootable Windows was created 7.

In operating systems Windows XP it is possible that the above tutorial will not help. I'll do soon and a stick bootable Windows XP and to test.

Back ;-)


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  1. sesciofra says:

    after write diskpart in cmd there are some information about my pc and not let me write any command? someone can give me an answer?

  2. cristian says:

    thanks to you, I made the stick bootable. all good up here. The booted from it, my laptop asus eee pc 1015pem nor demons does not want to boot the all keystrokes typed in every way. However, I installed on the laptop w7 after starting the laptop and selecting the stick installation, but! the stick can only select option x64 or 80 the rest. the dvd could choose x32, x64 installation (tested on PCs 2).

    If I understand well, the conclusion I drew is that if I stick x7 w32 have to "maneuver" on a PC with w7 x32? conclusion is correct? Thanks in advance!

    • mmg1818 says:

      if you win and want to copy a x86. x64 iso on the stick does not work using USB DVD Download Tool Windows 7, picture 8 32 win iso usb boot error created 64

      • cristian says:

        I solved the problem. the only thing I do not understand is why they fail to make the laptop to boot from the stick when you start your computer.

        mention that I installed as I said above, (instant stick with open laptop), but I still wanted to delete all (w old data and reformat partitions, etc.). I failed. asus eee pc seems 1015pem has the BIOS option to boot from USB, has only version of "removable disk" which from what I've tried is not the same.
        Thank you!

        • stealth says:

          go to removable disk and USB stick. most likely not boot from the stick so that the stick is not formatted fat32. I met problem on a Sony Vaio, may be to other brands. recommend creating a bootable disk utility RMPrepusb (required format is selected fat32).

          • mmg1818 says:

            All sticks are standard fat32 believe I have not seen stick to buy it at the store and be formatted NTFS.

            When copying images stick the program automatically formats NTFS stick.

          • stealth says:

            with RMPrepusb you have the option to format the stick fat32 you copy the installation image, is the only application that I managed to create a stick to boot on sony vaio supplied

  3. micu says:

    I do not have Cd "rom laptop, how to proceed? for example if I windowsu in partition D, I mean how can the partition d stick?

  4. Smailey says:

    one thousand gives me an error when giving assign ........ what can I do????

  5. ESD says:

    ok ... so I do not have a drive to read CDs and even CD with Windows can stick bootable with Windows that I have already installed?

  6. mmg1818 says:

    download fast until you delete that links

    microsoft original image

    Windows 7 Home Premium x86 SP1 - X17-24208.iso (bootable)

    Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 - X17-24209.iso (bootable)

    Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 - X17-24280.iso (bootable)

    Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 - X17-24281.iso (bootable)

    Ultimate Windows 7 x86 SP1 - X17-24394.iso (bootable)

    Ultimate Windows 7 x64 SP1 - X17-24395.iso (bootable)

    These images after downloading, You Can Burn Them to DVD without any burning software from Windows 7 by right Clicking on the image


  7. zahe says:

    7 really need windows .. I tried on XP and can not format the stick .. NTFS format .. 7 windows so rullz

  8. IULIAN says:

    HELLO I tried to do and I failed: (: (: (: (after I made all steps in diskpart and left to charge up to 100% I do not write "discpart successiffuly formatted the volume" stops at 100 % and stays so I can not write "assign" and "exit." what should I do???, or what I did.'ve seen says that k must have a higher 4 gb stick, mine is 4. was either to stick too mik ke??, please help me. leave a msg e-mail

    • razvan says:

      Well the problem is no name sticks. Usually a stick gb apple 4 only 32 fat because you have more space to put files larger than 4 gb ntfs. I still stick formatted and Windows XP and works. I installed Windows 7 on a stick and went smoothly. Have a good day!

  9. SORYN says:

    Greetings! FRATILOOOOR ........ PROGRAMS are both extremely good and easier to use and you struggle with that???????? For example 'WinToFlash'. What's so hard???? AND I AM FAN OF THIS SITE BUT BUT ABOVE DESCRIPTION A stick is bootable .... NASHPA. Not so. Kopi BAFTA!

  10. HELP says:


  11. Gianny says:

    F: CD BOOT and press enter. F is the DVD drive letter.

    CD BOOT and press enter.

    Bootsect.exe / NT60 J (J is the USB stick)

    AND gave me Target Volumes Will Be updated with Bootmgr compatible bootcode.

  12. floryn says:

    I tested lam going perfecet like you said
    But the first time I tried doing a shawl and call xp styku could find so I went to another pc that had windows 7 and I found it
    But I tried to give doot to a CD with Windows XP and it did not work so I took the win 7 and went perfection so the conclusion is that Windows XP does not work
    Thank you very much, have a beer from me :))

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  16. sorin says:

    I have a question salu I managed to do all steps with stick-u and I got to put him win it I just do not have it on dvd hdd how do you put it on the stick???

  17. myhay says: Windows XP and want to make a bootable stick with Windows 7.merge or necessarily must have Windows 7 anticipated instalat.multumesc

  18. bogdn47 says:

    Better go have a beer in my chest

  19. danut says:

    I stuck to assign me :)) nush what to do from there ...

  20. mmg1818 says:

    # Dany

    0 volumes, volumes 1, etc.. are partitions

    0 disk, disk 1 etc. are hard disks

  21. dany says:

    I selected another thousand missing disk and partition d: how do you bring back aksa :))

    • Mariann says:

      hello ... and I happened to like you dany ... how you handled??'s I selected disk drive instead of J which was stick to Windows ... I felt bag blue screen and he disappeared d and e .... . IMI now appear as unallocated space 200 gigs ... how recover data from D and E back? fff doc please I

  22. Try to format it to a friend or somewhere where you have a Windows XP.

  23. s1mpaT1c says:

    Hello, I did stick bootable with Windows 7, I installed Windows and now I have a problem with the stick. When it introduced the PC, the PC freezes) for a few seconds. Recovers, I appear in My Computer as the stick is connected ("Removable Disk (H :)) but when I try to 'visit, be blocked again pc.
    I tried with different programs to format the stick, did not work. any attempt to access the stick, the application crashes. I tried to format the Windows XP CD, the installation menu of it, but I failed.
    The idea is that I can not 'make' simply recognize it as a USB stick, then I will be easier to 'format.
    Memory stick is one of 8 GB Silicon Power. Both know about it.

  24. Andy says:

    It can do this and using virtual optical drive (the one where mount images Daemon Tools)???

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes you can, but when you start the computer you can not choose to boot your virtual drive. You can run only after entering Windows. However you do not have to mount the image as if you would turn on the system.

  25. Dori says:

    Goes perfect with win 7. Mercy so much!

  26. h3phas88 says:

    Do you know if they can use the normal stick 'after `make Windows bootable on it? I mean to do my work with it normally. 'Tell me the mess on h3phas88 pls. Danke advance!

  27. aha says:

    @ Razvan n and stealth

    if the storage (HDD, USB memory, etc.):
    1 1.000 gb = mb = kb = 1.000.000 b

    if files:
    1 1.024 gb = mb = 1024 * 1024 kb (1.048.576 kb) = 1024 * 1024 * 1024 b (ie 1.073.741.824) b

    Your flash 4 it actually has 4 gb / 1.0737 = 3.72 g (can store files 3.72g)
    it's a hard fact 500 gb 500 / 1.0737 = gb 465 :)

  28. Neighbor says:

    Nice tutorial.
    I need help tau.Vreau do stick with Win 7, but I win XP and I do not see USB DISK LIST site, if you have another tutorial how to do this with Win XP would be grateful.

  29. robert says:

    I have a problem of 8GB stick and looks like it's a bloke leptop hp pavilion dv 9000

  30. ioana says:

    usb but can not download photos from mobile phone to computer? answer plz: s: d

  31. Pitiku says:

    thank you very much for the tutorial phase is going super well so I have a problem of 8GB stick and looks like it's 4 you make them wait msg thank you very much: D

  32. Julian says:

    I have the same problem as Razvan, on the eve I bought a stick of 4 gb Maxell Ventura, unpleasant surprise is that it has two partitions ... and we did not ever to format a single drive ... although I have tried many programs .
    if someone can help us .... he is grateful


  33. Claudiu says:

    Thanks goes perfectly to be loved

  34. n razvan says:

    thank you for that you have taken the time to answer me.
    small partition goes permanently deleted with no program.chiar if a wipe and leave it as unallocated space, Windows (and even Linux) that's also a disturbing vad.chestia eg if you put a stick or operating system if you put in a dvd player to run something on it.
    for as you say you have not heard of it look other cases over which I gave 2 looking for a solution:
    all the best!

  35. n razvan says:

    blog.interesant.intru congratulations for him daily since I discovered.
    aces ask you to tell me how to solve the following problem: I bought a usb gb 4 Maxell venture and has him 2 factory partitions, each one 1gb 3,7 mb.
    reusec not to wipe the stick on the low and can make both an singura.daca you ever encountered something like this and know a solution, please tell me.
    however not recommend this brand of USB stick problem even for that I wrote for the home that has only 3,7-3,8 4 gb instead.
    Thank you.

    • If the stick is only 4 3.8 GB and it looks normal. Sticks are keeping a cache space. Phase two partitions ... I've never heard of it. Not going to delete partition smaller? To format?

  36. Edis says:

    Windows XP does not work ... I give my list disk is not USB ...

  37. lucian says:

    just go. ms more

  38. lucian says:

    I already installed windows7, but I formatted hdd C: before installation. ms for information. I will try. I'm really curious to see if it works. I searched .... and ..... and how many DVDs I burned no avail .... ;)) Ms ms

  39. Alistar: LIST DISK and see what number is on the right of the Disk.

    lucian: If you already use Windows 7, click on rights. iso -> Open With -> Windows Disc Image Burner. If you use XP install Ultra ISO.

  40. lucian says:

    plssss let me know how to make a bootable DVD with Windows 7? more please. I really need. forward mail dak can answer. Thanks in advance

  41. Alistar says:

    Where do I find my USB issue?

  42. Alistar says:

    Where can I find USB-Stik number?

  43. Alistar says:

    Waiting for testing with Windows XP! Thank you!

  44. cr0wman says:

    Works fine and is very easy if you follow the steps I did one already thanks

  45. If not carefully how to confuse. There is a tutorial / presentation 7 Windows USB DVD Tool at: But offer more choice. Everyone is free to choose the method that `s suits. I like to install Windows on the Eee PC 7 I chose to create a bootable USB stick using the method above.

  46. mmg1818 says:

    may tangle with SELECT DISK SELECT DISK 2 am 3 if multiple disks and format the new disk (not partition)

    You just know that Microsoft has a free tool to make a bootable stick on stick and install xp, vista and windows7.

    is complicated to use diskpart. earlier I used diskpart to BitLocker for Vista but the trial system gave up BitLocker.

    I rather do a tutorial how to use

    Novicorp 0.5.0013 beta WinToFlash




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