How can we delete a user with administrator privileges in Windows XP


Normally, when we want to delete a user in Windows XPThe solution is very simple: open Control Panel > Administrative Tools> Computer Management> Local Users and Groups> User, Give the user right-clicking on that we want to delete and select Delete.


In some situations, however, such as the view bogdan brought in article, users simply Keep deleted.

Can you tell me how to delete a user in Administrator Windows XP because it will not let me [...] Of course I login with Administrator user and password when it starts Windows XP. I can not delete it from Control Panel.

The most likely cause of this problem may be times that user belongs to the Administrators group of the system (and were granted administrator privileges when it was created), in which case you must first Boot Windows in Safe Mode then we login using the username Administrator default user to delete "stubborn" or user Administrator (the set of Windows XP) not active (That can be accessed only in Safe Mode) and outside of the user that we want to delete do not have another user created in the system (Windows needs at least one user to be able to load).

In this case it is a Administrator user (First version) not let removed from the system using the method described at the beginning of this article. If the user can not be removed from Control Panel even when Windows is booted in Safe Mode, the following method will definitely have more chances of success.

  • boot Windows XP in Safe ModeThen open Run Your Start Menu


  • in the field of the right to Open type the command userpassword2 control and click on OK 


  • opens a window User Accounts which will list all existing Windows users. Select the user you want to delete and click Remove


  • will see a dialog will ask if you are sure you want to delete the user. Click OK


And ready. User was removed from the system and after restart Windows will log directly the other existing user (whether the user is Administrator, be it by another user) if it does not set a wordOr displays login screen (Windows Logon) If it is password protected (or if there are more users create).


If the default Administrator user is not active - And you have no other user created out of the system you want to delete - will be activated automatically after deleting the other userFor Windows can be loaded.

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3 Comments: How can we delete a user with administrator privileges in Windows XP #
  1. claudiu says:

    Thank you so much was easily removed: x

  2. cristian says:

    better. I have a computer and can not enter into it. I see user and when I click on it I see saving your computer, logging off and stays on the screen all user. I tried safe mode, the last windows and nothing has worked. I can do something with it or throw it away?

  3. bogdan says:

    @ Stealth Settings Thank you keen to help when someone asks you ajutorul.Eu I could not solve my problem as you say May sus.Am got a program that helps you remove Administrator or Guest user and it worked, but internet searching I found this: and did something to the registry and I do not log and restart.


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