Exchange lists Yahoo! Messenger IDs, girls and boys.


I think I accidentally came idOf the yahoo messengerOn specialized sites exchange lists yahoo messenger, like

id-uri yahoo messenger

To date, Dade ignore such messages "add id to messenger list". Now just simply dismiss them. We found that the ignore list yahooIs limited. LOL.

Okay. You can exchange your list of ids of girls and boys, as you wish, in the comments of this post. pfff ... cel_mai_tzestos You are normal ...?


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567 Comments: Exchange lists Yahoo! Messenger IDs, girls and boys. #
  1. Silviu says:

    vb the mess more!

  2. says:

    add if you want to talk some more .. I 20 years, I want to see if there are girls open to me .. contradicts your giving me my add .. are very open to anything, so we will not get bored together

  3. andrey says:

    frmoase looking girls ........... call athletic .. occhi black .... ec
    id = andrey.chirila

  4. juliano says:

    bursts. but sono Julian. 18 ho is cerco ragazze anni. il mio id: white_spirit_of_the_dark one spiritobiancodinotte ..: * / **

  5. costy says:

    I'm a funny guy, always smiling. 19 years and I would like to know more mule dragutze girls my id: costel_vs_10 will poooop

  6. Rafa says:

    Hi I am Rafa, I 19 and looking for a girl who knows what she wants! add: badboyrafy

  7. Donny says:

    Ciao, sono one ragazzo Italian bel is noted for desidero di ragazze, aggiungetemi alla your list a scrivetemi è il mio id:

  8. Sergyo says:

    sonna one ragazzo in a circle dolce di litter mates .... add sergyo_it_93

  9. GABRIEL says:

    ciao a tutti voglio fare Nuovi friends, I chiamo gabriel 31 anni Fabriano (AN)

  10. marcela says:

    sto cercando one almeno 17anni ragazzo di che fosse per fare amicizia.vorrei simpatico bello e dolce

  11. Mirabela says:

    If you give someone special ... add mirabelaandreea18: D

  12. aniela says:

    21 ho Annie, Vorra trovare one ragazzo ... bravo e il mio id animaribella

  13. syl says:

    If any girl from Pitesti willing to give a serious relationship add to and we will talk more there are dark, tall, I give okii negri.Nu add if you fancy caterinca, vb only serious and intelligent girls, at least 20 years.

  14. Looking nisshte friends, I'll do 12 years in 3 months 13 years: D: D: D :)

  15. Octavian gabriel says:

    Hello are octavian are in Bucharest and I 27ani.caut long term relationship with a girl who was also doareasca same lucru.daca want to know more about me looking bn honest I will not the mess: wait.

  16. alex says:

    1.85m, dark, black okii expect pretty girls, sexy to enter my id hard69xxx19 and vb.

  17. are paul and I want to meet a claim, my id is

  18. Monica says:

    my name is Monica and good who wants my id mes katrinelz, I can search, I am very eager to make new prieteni.pop

  19. Sorin-Iulian says:

    ontop: I "speak" for a long time with this type of bot, now I managed to get rid of them, I was left alone. hope to be ordering for them or listening ports etc.. test yet :) (pHpfreaks team)
    offtopic: I 32 years, boy, id: Colentina

  20. klau says:

    good are claudyu and who wants to talk to id baltarete_claudiu

  21. a.alexx39 says:

    19 years dragutz green eyes tall jokes one wire new friends today ...... add me

  22. alexandra says:

    good I want more friends please bagatima

  23. DDY; x says:

    dragutza, 14 years, brunette, eyes caprui.inalta.caut pr pisicutza_ta_ubitha us ... my id .... :): D

  24. cristy says:

    I am a boy from Florida who wants to talk to min to give add in id de mess cristy_mafiotul40

  25. diana says:

    hello I'm looking for friends to mess 10 years and want to have friends from minim8 years and up 15ani will expect the mess and my address is dianagrijuc will wait pupycy

  26. Valentin says:

    26 enne, moro, green eye, circle Compagna per relazione series, sono di Italy (Rome) ... id don_valentino24 .. tutte shepherd to them raggaze series

  27. Selz says:

    id mess?

  28. alex says:

    amsterdam_1 as friends

  29. Bogdan says:

    Sall, cnv know how to delete your posts?

  30. fluffy says:

    hy are andre totzi I am 13 fluffy sp .. restu the mess

  31. alexandra says:

    I do not need friends on messenger and I have no way ala id. You understand!

  32. Alan says:

    Cute boy, proof by messenger or webcam pictures ... id: liviubt

  33. alex says:

    sall cfeti years I've 9 his friends are my idu mess them barna_alex01

  34. bianca says:

    id de mess blonda.eu66

  35. allexandra says:

    alexandra j numesk good I am 15 years
    ku vb mn kn wants to give it allexa_andra96 or maria_allexa1096 add byeeeeeeee: x: *: *

  36. Deny says:

    Hi, I 22 Denisa ... years .... and girls looking to vb ... 'as between girls' .... id denycionca: *

  37. cornel2255 says:

    I am a sociable person and I enjoy open communication and I like to make my prieteni.persoana ideal for me to be honest, open, sociable, lively and eager for a serious relationship even casatorie.imi character like rock music films history and action. leisure time I like to walk to relax outdoors. I think the man needs love. Life without tenderness and without love is just a dry mechanism, creaking and sfasietor.Adesea, people forget that one of the important components of love is the will to love.

  38. Valentin says:

    Hello! Valentin in Italy and are looking for a girl for a serious relationship more precisely in Rome, are dark green eyes .. rest we discover together Cuz you contact me: id don_valentino24 .... baci

  39. Antoinette says:

    Find friends so I do not find

  40. alexandra says:

    looking for friends on messenger my id

  41. cristi says:

    good is Chris (Christ) we 19 years looking girls give add to chr1s_a7x

  42. raresh says:

    Hello are rares I 18 years looking girls and boys to have what we are concerned timpu free to go out somewhere to have fun today at my id rares_boy93 ciao

  43. danyy says:

    my id Hunedoara county dany100dolars

  44. mihayb18 says:

    sall my name is Michael and asrea to Make as many friends about me I zik they are very nice add on id mihayb18

  45. Madalina says:

    Hi, my name is Madalina I 15 years and are from Romania, but I settled in Italy ... looking for friends girls and guys ..... especially a guy for a serious relationship and long-term cnv in Italy ..... id expect: give your add will pop dulshe .....

  46. robyyy says:

    my id rober_98Euro girls bistrita

  47. _Robyyy says:

    Heyyy my name I 12 years robyy Find friends breasts instead of id or if someone is interested!

  48. alexandra says:

    better. My name is Alexandra and I 15 years, I want to do my many friends. please contact me id alexa_alexutza_9624. will pooooooop dolshe

  49. criss says:

    My name is criss and looking for new friends, my id is ch4_80 are dinBucuresti, but living in Monaco and looking for friends Romans

  50. xKatsuragix says:

    hello ^ _ ^ I'm a gamer not Lifer anime fan: D
    looking for a girl to accept me as I am ^ ^
    id: katsuragikun93

    PS im 18 ^ ^ '

  51. razzy says:

    Hello Razvan are Ciurlica Costel I 19 years of Bacau county, Comanesti looking girl preferably nearby for serious relationship and long my id.ul is, can vb costel_razvan19 times when I find ..... further details and Facebook link ...

  52. cristi says:

    17 cristi ... cristiw93

  53. stefan says:

    I 27 are stefan years of Craiova and are looking for a relationship with a girl from Dolj, I want to be honest and modest girl who knows what she wants from the person next to her, my id is giorgio_arm2010 sweet kisses and hope that somewhere there is my half sweet and sticky kisses

  54. Sel says:

    I 15 years Bistrita good looking face serious: D addd badkid15

  55. Maryano says:

    sal to all good and we are marian 22 years and are looking for a new relationship and a long wait to go on my id marian.maryano app FIITEA girls do not want or do not know what heaven so sincere and not be shy> D

  56. Mary says:

    looking for a nice boy 12 series 13 years to learn it and so have not yet 4 notes further details on address Mees are available for Tuti

  57. Misaki says:

    my name is ana I 18 good years and looking for friends who want to give add poukycute

  58. cosmin says:

    dwlce_dracusor92 id mew looking for a serous relationship PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPP to PT

  59. musteata petrut says:

    musteata_petrut sh vb

  60. rudy says:

    I 32 years, girls who want to cetuiasca the mess address;

  61. deea says:

    hi ... I am 18 years numeask andreea Bucharest ji are ... looking for friends ... NPP are interested .... add: dede.deea118

  62. Stelian says:

    looking for a girl to id be my age I know we 12-13 years will kiss girls

  63. feli says:

    good, ciao, but unfortunately are bacau stay in Italy 10 years. I 12 years and looking for friends boys or girls does not matter, my IDI:
    and sorry my name is elena felicia-flop

  64. robert says:

    ciao, please add to wolfghost81 will skittle girls

  65. ioana says:

    looking for friends
    are talkative, jokes and interesting new friends
    id meu.ioana.simona25

  66. andreea says:

    I 16 are andreea years are Buzau County and I want to know moolti bairtzi Dragutza of 16-17-18 years vb will leave the mess .... id: andreea_ionelia_95

  67. Enter your name ... says:

    add 21 years looking for friends ηu † ψ ⊕ id z_mαƒïα90

  68. bari says:

    my id: barikee, wait give me on messenger add, x

  69. Alex says:

    Hi id:, please add to give you the best chat for. world social good, new friends and fun music!

  70. ionut says:

    hello .. if my vretiiid.ul: yonut_yonut 68 and I want to give my id and accept .. I 11 years from Bucharest! ... :)): P

  71. Enter your name ... says:

    I called my good yonutz 21 years and are looking for friendship, my id is yonutz_mafia 90, wait to contact me ;): - *

  72. the mes more details says:

    mes cocole_boss vb on my id: *: *: *: *: *

  73. laura says:

    id: tageanraoul will wait for the mess! your sweet sweet kiss: *: *: *: *

  74. diana says:

    my name is diana good and I want to make my friends please take my id diana_yo_la_moda we know better

  75. Jumong says:

    EU FRIENDS LOOK Conqueror, marriage, empathy, respect, COMMUNICATION
    jumong77-idu my You're welcome to talk

  76. andreea says:

    better! are brunette brown eyes, I 16 years and I know more people. .... andreea_ionelia_95

  77. alin says:

    Find friends between 14 years and years of pitesti for detailed 19 add alin.bascov

  78. clau says:

    my id is claudiu_x78 Add only give you beautiful girls ;) :)

  79. girls this is my email MDU aidul will wait for all the pretty girls will kiss you wait

  80. Calinutz says:

    id: un.chino will wait for the mess! your sweet sweet kiss: *: *: *: *

  81. alina says:

    was hard

  82. gigigigigi says:

    I am 16 number radu years I 1.70 brown shi are looking for girls goose j to know to joke that's id ... (dumitriuradu95) and assure you that we will have a great time .. will wait for girls

  83. akile_1994 says:

    I 17 Alin years are welcome who wants to laugh and have fun tonight on my id mes. (lepra.alin) will wait ... bye bye and good luck to serious relationship.: D

  84. ale says:

    add to my id give good "alexandradiugu" and we vb more

  85. ramone_booboo_90 says:

    my id is: ramone_booboo_90

    it would give ad guys deserve it!

  86. blondy_bianca89 says:

    my id is blondy_bianca89
    give add and talk about any

  87. alex says:

    My name is Alex and I want to know the person Applies for a relationship of confidence with id cupydon87

  88. Michael says:

    I would like if possible good to know girls and if you want to talk my e-id is hawkblack99

  89. alexandra says:

    alexandra good numesk me and I want to cunosk new friends!! are in Bucharest but unfortunately akm are in italy ............. my id: aly_alexyca_93 as pwpwppwpwpwpwppw on totiiiii

  90. aly says:

    my name is aly good ami I wish to make friends and maybe a girlfriend dc not my id is "aly_diavolu" give add and we know one bn

  91. alexandra says:

    my name is alexandra good, are we 16 vaslui years albastri.ami looking blonde with eyes half but I want to be near my id min ... pooop dooolce alexandradiugu

  92. viorel says:

    good girls greet all pa vb mess will kiss my aidiu is gxxl26

  93. bogdanell_4u says:

    cn vb finds me in the mood d p id: bogdanell_4u ....... I 19 years and are pitesti May ................ p vb mess ......................

  94. good says:

    ciao .. is mada mai vb and if you want my id: asromamedy

  95. nykusooor says: !! We will wait cun akolo ;)

  96. byanka says:

    good are Byencutza @ I 13 years 14 cute boy looking up to 16 years campina take my id marga_zuchy4you will pwp

  97. Mary says:

    looking for a friend.'m available anytime I de11si guys I 12jumate 11 year I look on mariatitieanu

  98. Bud says:

    ADD bobocescurobert boy BOY

  99. alex says:

    good girls and boys, this message is for everyone who want their bonding still have a friend in anturanj's me and found me on this id: vultr_alex_2010

  100. suzy says:

    very much

  101. Belgin says:

    I'm Belgin who wants to be my friend ==> 15 years pa

  102. stefano_fano says:

    I am a honest good guy, I 23 years of Iasi and honest and nice looking girl for one rel.dati add to perfectconected_bystef only girls is.kises

  103. miki says:

    BuUna ... :) I'm from ... who is in Iasi add to: deyutzadd24

  104. valy08 says:

    sal, I know girls 15 and 16 years Bucharest, who are interested ........ id valy_shady2000

  105. tutz says:

    no matter how you look matter what you have in mind. makydonu_89 who wants to wait to italence especially

  106. MihaiAMF says:

    add -, Pc, M, 23 years

  107. cristi says:

    I want to know some new faces: D please give me you and me to accept IDs
    priboianucristian or apple.time93: D: D

    We kiss all>: D <

  108. steffy says:

    Craiova honest guy I 27 years my id: Sweet Kisses giorgio_arm2010 will wait

  109. george_lps17 says:

    I'm looking for friends / ene by Olt County 18 years who knows maybe I'll wait gasesk and

  110. edy says:

    good if you feel like it on genova italy mes expect edy_badboy1

  111. madalina says:


  112. alex says:

    I 30 years good looking girls to talk and see you on messenger id alexxx92o

  113. RaLuK @ says:

    ceao. My name is Anna and I 12 Raluca Toader years. my id is: . meet the mess!

  114. Bogdan says:

    Sall all are Bogdan I 13 years ... Cn wants to talk to min to give add: D especially girls and Baietzii Rocker / Emo ;): D
    My Idu: bogdan_mihai554

  115. Akela says:

    I just want to know more girls .... 24 .... 30.Io I ... Akela_69.

  116. Marius says:

    Fite over fancy and all sorts of claims ..... who wants to contradict me add m0d3rn_b0y91

  117. dark ~ angel4u :) says:

    morandi.angels87 ...................... gasitzi me here ... app .. LOL ..: |: |

  118. alexandra says:

    My name is Andreea and I want to go all 14 guys ..... 17 on my id alexandra_scutaru will wait

  119. cristian says:

    good are cristian who wants to be a friend of mine to write me on my id cristi_cristian481

  120. I'm marian look good id * meau the marian_george30 or marian_marian3000

  121. dan_dan340 says:

    dan_dan340 plctisit only myself and if you fancy a gossip dami add. ps I 26 years

  122. VICTOR says:

    I'm Victor.I have 26 years.It do not live for the moment Romania.I just want to talk. My id is calinschivictoras

  123. alexa says:

    I sall call alexandra 14 years and looking for friends my age is alexa_sweet12

  124. alex says:

    id platon_alex57

  125. alex says:

    is alex I 14 years in Targu Mures I love music and if you want to know more pm me

  126. florin says:

    ciao are 8 florin in it for years venezya nice girl looking for a honest and gentle, I'm waiting on id love.forever94

  127. Tasting says:

    add chopkil: XXXX

  128. ANONYMOUS says:

    I 14 years Bacau
    In cautarte friends girlfriends

  129. ady says:

    my id adi_star_8877 friends 13 years fumos dark black eyes ji: D: D: D: D:

  130. deea_cool_girl_beautiful says:

    nice ...: * mumoasa ....; ;) Let k vb to mess pup: * singuricaaa 14 years pitesti

  131. VaLy says:

    I'm from Timisoara 22 years ... my id: rosuvalitm

  132. VaLy says:

    I'm a sociable, with good manners, with felt in humor hearted, intzelegator and job

  133. 92i says:

    iulian_vilinschi let me add and vb

  134. valentin says:

    Timisoara valentin good are we 30 years and worked in Italy Brescia and looking for friends valentyno.tm26 VAM id kiss

  135. Plies says:

    hey sexy lady give to me if you add to lil_andreee / d

  136. simona says:

    17 are a girl ani.putin stubborn but dispusasa do anything so contact me at id: simonik_017 pwppwppwp

  137. oana says: this is my id by looking friends 18 years

  138. matzok says:

    hmm .. me_adrianblondutzu come and see:>

  139. Silye says:

    boy blond, blue eyes .... ad to szilard.vajda

  140. alexa says:

    sall, looking for friends 14 years. id: alexa_sweet45

  141. victor says:

    id victor228444 for girls who want to have fun on web

  142. alexa says:

    sall, are Georgian and I 14 years and looking for friends all the 14 alexa_sweet45

  143. 25 iasi boy 1.83 practical martial arts and fighting cv cn is so passionate and girls if we vb on my id

  144. alexandra says:

    are all alexandra and will say again that I 14 years and looking for friends my age not older. If you do not know id give it: alexa_439

  145. adrian says:

    bivol_dica very nice boy bucharest add as soon 22 years

  146. Bogdan says:

    Sal ... I'm a boy from Bucharest, we 13 years ... looking good friends who do parkour (freestyle) and pretty girls .... XD.
    HDI MY bogdan_mihai554

  147. alexandra says:

    are a girl looking for friends 14 years. my id is: alexa_439.

  148. desire says:

    are boy alone in a foreign country can ease my loneliness someone please my id is butnarudorin. @

  149. alexandra says:

    are compared with cn 14 years and looking to talk on messenger. id: mocaextra49

  150. yonutz says:

    are one of 15 years boy looking quickly prrietena id: cristi.ionut54

  151. sall are looking for prieten.daca want to give guys will wait alex.sandra 21

  152. yuly says:

    scz for just now ...... hello .. my name is Julian are nice I 16 years ... and I want a girl to talk to and ew ..... if possible a girlfriend ...... app are ploiesti

  153. one love jus says:

    hello world I feel like the mess contactatima vb: id: loveone_jus

  154. for jus ... says:

    hello world are out there and want to meet new people so my id is: loveone_jus

  155. alexyy says:

    15 year-old boy nice funny looking galati some friends: D id: dryy_domino

  156. Andreea says:

    I 12 good are Andreea years and are active by nature. I can understand everyone is talkative and I love to help anyone. not an easy girl, vb boys and girls just common sense and do not accept to be insulted. everyone wants to talk to me on messenger min can find: michael_jackson_deea.

  157. Andreea says:

    I 12 good are andreea years and looking for friends with whom I can talk on messenger. if you feel like it you can contact me at michael_jackson_deea

  158. cris says:

    hello world I am a boy 17 years in Greece and I want a girlfriend or many friends in my list
    id: citynet_greece
    (From the jurpenegru for crisss)

  159. alexutzu says:

    I'm from we 21 good year fak want my friends or a relationship with a fata.alexutzu_pwpp.

  160. cristi reply says:

    Last reply cristi ...
    on gagikta her name goes asa'i Biank but ... ;))

  161. cristi says:

    As I see some hard comments, panarama wrote to me that I want a girlfriend ... at my brothers will stop! I do not need no girlfriend!!!!!!!!! I already have! bianca if you ask her name so damn screwed once

  162. crysti says:

    salut.sunt 17 years and I love to sit on net.caut a lover (be nice) because his girlfriend left me: my curent_93

  163. alin says:

    paragraph are looking for a girl talking on mes do not get bored here italy

  164. cristyyan says:

    I am a boy 17 years and I need a girlfriend who I understand are left in Greece and poop ...
    id: curent_93

  165. ady says:

    I am 15 good numesk years ady looking for a girl to talk to waiting for mes hell_boys_36

  166. yuly says:

    sall .... that IDN ploiesti ie the Sami id: baiat_decartier16

  167. Nutu says:

    A lot of people say that they want to vorbeaca the mess, to make new friends but I see that leave no messenger ID. However I would like to have as friends. ID: younutu

  168. wel_kayer says:

    I am a nice girl looking for new friends girls Baetica with which to talk on messenger yos beautiful blue eyes brown hair without cosuti without sun glasses and I just love to dress just always wear fashionable clothes

  169. vali says:

    I want some friends I've 8 year and lucuiesc in Tulcea

  170. gaby says:

    are u guy is so slick and not but anyway my id is; gabiva_copy ....... pwp.

  171. ika says:

    are a blonde girl a little silly so I 14 years and are dintrun village meadows id: july_gatta_loka

  172. alin says:

    id: piticupiticu12

  173. alin says:

    I am a boy from Romania but now are gone grecia.am17 years and I urgently need a girlfriend ..

  174. bianka says:

    buna.sunt a nice girl, sociable, communicative and I like to meet people 17 years and are waiting vorbim.dati k to add the id bya_pisi_loka.pooop.

  175. jurpenegru says:

    are a girl 13 years are a crazy and ever changing nature
    id: jurpenegru

  176. marian bugbear says:

    Add my id: gogormaryan: X: X: X: X only beautiful girls: X: X: X

  177. slave says:

    nice looking goose Prieta us and for girls it sound like I'm looking for love

  178. Seba says:

    21 nice! * Rene_amsez

  179. sal .. this is my id: andrei_jeff93 .. are .. 16 years ploiesti

  180. Alan says:

    I 13 year-old boy are beloved Trabant nam id: pleboy42

  181. Adrian says:

    me_adrianblondutzu boy / turda /

  182. elena says:

    I know people willing to invest

  183. symo says:

    I sall 12 years and are looking for a girlfriend a7a class to talk with the mess

  184. love_girls_27 is my id messs ptr is a boy who wants to talk 25 years accept anyone can create a discussion iasi not necessarily

  185. wolf says:

    @ Andreea says:
    July 20, 2010 at 11: 54 am
    sall are Andreea, I 13 years and looking for someone to talk to mess cn

    Dc ...... and you do not give u id? ;))

  186. sylvyu says:

    cn wants to talk to the mess min take my id or kiss_by_kiss92 cl09 sil ...

  187. amada says:

    I am mmuschi website are nice looking girlfriend oleacha the abdomen and

  188. andreea says:

    sall are Andreea, I 13 years and looking for someone to talk to mess cn

  189. montanadc says:

    Let Hi, I'm Andrew looking for friends who know the sites or hack-ers to be partners. We find new business after da first to make friends. : D

  190. oana says:

    and yo I want some ids with nice people

  191. cristi says:

    hello my name is cristi I 17 years are nice and I'm looking for a girl to talk to (possibly more serious friendship) my id priboianucristian

  192. marian says:

    'm a guy without prejudice, open - minded and will expect the girls id: mandotat_22cm

  193. Aly says:

    My name is Aly NTS shi shi dob tgv I 17 years fetelosr shi you id put mew in your address

  194. marius says:

    I'm looking for a girl from pitesti I 13 years ... add: supermarius_dx

  195. Michael says:

    coolboy096 add ;)

  196. alex says:

    will wait for my idu mess ssteaua2009

  197. adrian says:

    me_adrianblondutzu come and see .... what to say

  198. Dragutza says:

    Looking for a sociable boy are dragutza, smoking and contact ecologista.Ma id myruna.iepurica

  199. Aly says: mew's id I 17 years and NTS dn tgv (Targoviste)

  200. Andrew says:

    Andrew 20 years, Cluj-Napoca, serious boy, honest, open, sociable, funny, student want to know a girl 19-20 years, serious, quiet, nonsmoking, jokes, student or future student in Cluj-Napoca long-term relationship. Contact me on Yahoo ID: bloodhand_rds

  201. vali says:

    I 8 years and I have more friends on agenda
    and id is vali_smecherasu2009 me

  202. dragutza says:

    I 17 years pozeincredibile with me! .........

  203. radukku_stefy says:

    I 18 boy in Pitesti Pitesti nice looking girls all add :-))

  204. alex says:

    dark_temptation00 << - my id'ul: d

  205. alex says:

    Craiova boy 18 years .. nice .. :) add me

  206. daniel says:

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